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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year

Hi, Johnny and I want to wish all of you a very happy New Year.



Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas And The Troubled Little Geese

One little Goose turned to another as they sat near the edge of a golf course that was covered in a half an inch of fresh snow and said, “My friend we should have gone South before it became so cold. I am afraid our wings will freeze up if we try and make the trip now.”

The other little Goose responded, “And do you expect a less icy reception in the South. Everybody hates us. We are welcome nowhere.”

“Why is that asked Goose number 1?”

“I think it is because there are too many of us, and we create a mess wherever we go. Besides people think of us as just Geese who don’t count for much,” answered Goose number 2.

“But I thought that in the spirit of Christmas people would be more willing to look kindly on the least amongst us?”

“I know, I know, but life is not always what it is supposed to be. We will have to learn to accept our circumstance with grace and good will to all at this holiday season.”

“I find it hard to accept our lot in life as it is. I don’t believe that this is the way God would want things to be. He is full of kindness and mercy. Perhaps if we pray to Him he will hear our prayers and help others to understand our plight.”

“I hope so my friend. My tail feathers are starting to freeze. I am afraid of what will happen to us in the future. We have no food. There is no one who wants to help us. We disturb their celebrating, impose on their happy times and impinge on their holiday spirit.”

“I believe it won’t always be like this my friend. One day people will be full of the goodness that God designed them to have. Then even little Geese like us will have a place in this society. Then even we will be able to find some happiness for our families and some sense of security. Then even us poor little Geese will not be discriminated against especially at this time of giving and kindness that represents the true spirit of Christmas.”

“Are there other groups such as us that are discriminated against even at Christmas time”?

“Yes there are, but most of them are human.”

“Do you think people will ever understand that we have feelings too?”

“I think they will soon. I think that as soon as the spirit of Christmas spreads its wings of joy over all of God’s people that they will begin to recognize that even little Geese or any other minority group have their place in God’s Kingdom, for in caring about them we can become more than we were. We can become what God intended us to be.

Have a very happy Christmas Holiday, and please don’t forget all the little Geese amongst us; they come in so many different types and shapes that sometimes it is hard to remember that they have feelings.