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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Johnny Oops In A Virtual Reality World

It had been a long painful time in the making, but Johnny finally discovered that he could no longer live in the now. He was being pushed inexorably into a new virtual reality world of the future. Not a world of his making, but delivered all shiny and new by some Game Master who must have populated this new world with people to entertain him and keep him from the boredom that only a superior intellect could understand.

Johnny could only speculate on who this superior intelligence was or how he or she could construct a whole world in the blink of an eye and a flash of comprehension by one of the populous that things had changed, and the world he had thought he knew all his life was not as it had ever been.

"How could this have happened? Where was I all this time? How could I not know?" Johnny said out loud, but no one was listening. "Was it ever thus? Am I just some bit player in another person's game, a mere puppet to satisfy some deity's fancy? Am I nothing but a fiction," Johnny said out loud again?

This time some one was listening. Johnny heard a roar in his ear as if a trumpet was blaring, "How dare you? If not for me, you would not exist. If not for me you would have no cognitive thought. Without my blessing you would be nothing."
Fear came over Johnny and he started to shake as the question formed on his lips, "Who are you?"

Then there was thunder and lightning. Johnny felt a giant hand on his shoulder, but wasn't weighted down. He was relieved and felt a wonderful sense of calm come over him. And he heard a soft voice saying, "You know me. You know my virtue. Do not be afraid. Step lightly, and with joy in your heart into our new world for I have built it for your enlightenment. I have brought you forth into a new reality so that you may learn to believe in that which is beyond your comprehension to understand, but you are free to move into whatever sense of reality holds the most promise in your mind's eye. for I am the ultimate Game Master, and I gave you the ability to have independent thought. It's up to you to decide how to play the game, What ever world or reality you chose to live in, I will always be with you."

Hi, this is Arthur Levine the author of the novel Johnny Oops. To see what Johnny’s doing please join us at

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Another Planet, Far, Far Away

On the planet of Esperanza in the fourth galaxy from the dark side of our moon, the resident homogeneous race of that planet, the Gnirac, looked down upon us humans in confused and bemused amazement. They had little sense of humor, but a keen sense of perception, and what they saw us humans doing made no sense to them. Who could blame them?

The Gnirac were a small people by our standards measuring about four feet in height and weighing scarcely a hundred pounds. They were color blind, but could see sharp contrasts, varying shades of purple by our vision spectrum, and received sustanance by breathing in their nutrient rich atmosphere. They had four to eight arms depending on how well they were perceived to understand their environment by their peers, and sex between different members of this unisex race was usually consummated while their subconscious minds were in control of their bodies, and no one seemed to remember much about it except that it felt good and produced offspring from both participants.

Mating selection rituals were a mystery even to the Gnirac. It just happened. Sounds like a gigantic relief to me. Theirs was a society that was thankfully short on details.

I almost forgot to tell you that their heads contained two brains so that they could alternate from one reality to another at will. It was rumored that some of the secret elite, or high-minded as they called them, had more than two brains and were constantly tripping from one reality to another. I guess that’s what accounts for so many different worlds and concepts and different versions of reality.

They were rumored to live forever, but since they had no recorded history it was hard to tell. They relied on a meeting of the minds for a sense of their history and the important order of things big and small. It was rumored that their hearing and sight was so keen that they could see and hear things thousands of light years away. They had no sense of technology and relied primarily on their instincts.

The Gnirac couldn’t understand our problems between races of different colors. They wondered why we didn’t all become the same color whatever that was and avoid the conflicts. Their preference was for purple. They also didn’t understand our wars fought in part for religious reasons. From their perspective there was only one universe and one God no matter how differently we perceived Him to be. Why not just learn to pray to Him together as one people they thought. Their basic credo was of non-interference with the affairs of other worlds except when their elite were tripping so they didn’t tell us their thoughts. I wish we had this type of policy in regards to the various nations of our own world. Maybe we would all get along better.

To the Gnirac it was difficult to understand how a race of people such as us humans could be so technologically advanced and yet so emotionally immature. They decided it must be a genetic shortcoming and might account for our frenzied scientific attempts to understand our own genetics in the laboratory. They just took it for granted that they were perfect, and saw no reason to fight about anything. As someone who has been privileged to observe these Gnirac through the roaming of my imagination, I am prone to agree with them.

How about you? Wouldn’t you like to make peace rather than fight wars, or make love rather than argue? Why not agree that there is one God and pray together for our salvation. Why not view each other as different shades of the same color. Wouldn’t you like to be perfect, or at least think that you are like the Gnirac?

I don’t know about the concept of living forever in this world, but doing so in the next sounds like something we all want.

What do you want? How about coming together as one people? How about becoming part of a new reality? Imagine how wonderful that might be. Let’s use our brains to dream up a fantastic new world. Maybe the example of the Gnirac can show us the way.

Did you know that Gnirac spelled backwards means caring in English? Maybe it’s time to start looking in the mirror and caring about our fellow human beings.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are You Part Of A New Reality?

Has your life changed recently? Do you find new meaning in what you do? Have you experienced real change? Is this the kind of change that leaves you trembling with anticipation that your life is changing for the better? Are you prepared to meet the new you? Maybe this is all part of your new reality. Maybe you are ready to experience real change. You can do it.

Is your new age reality of your own making, or is somebody manipulating what is happening to you. Maybe some supernatural Game Master is pulling your strings. Maybe God is dictating the change. Maybe they are one and the same. How will you ever know the truth? I guess it’s a matter of conviction and faith. You have to believe in a Supreme Being to guide you as you change to a new reality. You have to have faith.

Are you happy now? Do you feel things more strongly? Have you found new purpose to your life? Maybe your new reality was always there, but you didn’t recognize the possibilities. Perhaps you weren’t looking for the beauty all around you. Maybe your eyes were closed to the infinite possibility of real change that could bring you a new and better reality. Maybe this whole new world was always available to you if you just had more faith and opened your eyes to the potential you have to make something wonderful happen.

It’s here now. Take advantage of it. Rejoice in the potential you have to be a better person and do things that will make you and the ones you love celebrate your new beginning. It’s your choice. You can make it happen. Open your eyes. Relish the moment. Find inspiration in your newfound reality. Find your self.

If you sit around and do nothing you won’t experience the glory of a new start. You won’t be able to change your life for the better. Take action. Do something worthwhile with your life. Find a better way. Charge in to the future with a true sense of optimism. Use your imagination. Let God guide your hand. Enter your new reality with the wisdom and confidence of someone embarking on a new adventure. Have some fun. Your new reality is all around you. Go for it.