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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The White Buffalo Is Coming To Make Your dreams Come True

For Immediate Release

The White Buffalo Is Coming To Make Your dreams Come True

New York, NY – Born out of the need for peace, North American Indian folk lore has a White Buffalo turning into a beautiful maiden to help bring peace to warring tribes. This is a central them in the paranormal romance, Sequin Boy and Cindy, where the White Buffalo helps the central character, Billy Wolk, find his Indian ancestors and shows his lost son the way home. Billy is half Native American Indian on his mother’s side and has been abused as a teenager by his stepfather.

Billy and Cindy are two lost souls who find each other on a train platform, fall in love and go on to build a family together as they overcome adversity and go on to help the community. Cindy has been abused as a teenager by her stepfather

Billy starts off with sequins on his face possibly to ward off evil spirits, but definitely to project the anti social side of his nature, which is hostile to a society that he feels has mistreated him – that all goes away with the love and attention that Cindy showers on him.

You’ll laugh and cry as life and the powers that be take Billy and Cindy on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. Join them as they learn to love together, raise a family and experience the pure pleasure of giving back to the community. You’ll relate as their wild antics take on special meaning and offer a new dimension to the art of the possible in a love story for the ages.

Sequin Boy and Cindy is a paranormal romance novel available on Kindle. Don’t miss this heart-warming story.  It can help make your dreams come true. It can help make you feel truly wonderful.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blown Up - Excerpt Sequin Boy and Cindy

 Blown Up - Excerpt Sequin Boy and Cindy

I still don’t remember everything, but I can piece together most of the tragic events that ensue according to Cindy’s fellow soldier who accompanied her on the fateful trip. One day near the holy city of Qom—the site of a nuclear bomb facility American bombs have destroyed—Cindy is driving her armored fighting vehicle (AFV) to the site of a place where her control has just radioed her that an IED has been diffused. She spots the yellow teepee with the sequins sitting on a little rise in the sand that I have left. She knows immediately upon seeing the sequins that this is from me. She jumps out of her AFV, grabs the canvas, and looks at the note from me. The note say, “I disarmed this at seventeen hundred hours and am heading west. I love you.” Cindy looks at her watch. It is only 1720 hours. 

Cindy jumps back in her AFV and takes off at break neck speed, much to the surprise of the private with her who says, “ Slow down. You’ll kill us. What’s the rush?”

Cindy had just gotten a field promotion to corporal. She doesn’t bother to answer the private on the seat next to her. In the distance she sees another AFV stopped at the side of the road. Instinct tells her this is me. She races towards my AFV. As she approaches I look up and see her driving towards me with her head out the window of her AFV waving frantically. I start gesturing wildly with my hands and shouting at her to stop, but I guess in her excitement she doesn’t recognize I’m warning her to stop, to stay away from my location where I’m in the middle of diffusing an IED. I jump up and start running up the road towards her waving her off, shouting, “Stop, stop.” Just as we reach each other another IED buried at the side of the road goes off. I must’ve missed that one.

I’m thrown in the air. All I can feel is extreme pain shooting through my right leg. I have lost my leg up to the kneecap and blood squirts from ruptured veins and arteries all over the place. Cindy’s AFV is tossed in the air and crumples like an accordion. Somehow, bleeding profusely, I drag myself the few feet over to her vehicle and with all the strength I have left pull her vehicle door open and grab Cindy out of her AFV. She has lost her right hand up to the wrist. This is the hand I always hold.

“Don’t worry,” I cry as I tried to stop her bleeding. “They will be here soon. We will be all right. I love you.” Then I pass out from shock and loss of blood. The soldier with her later told me that Cindy sat there half on top of me shaking and screaming, and clenching her remaining hand over the stump of my shattered leg trying to stop the bleeding. The stink of burning motor oil and smoke is everywhere. She was shouting at him, “Get help, get help, he’s dying. I can’t stop the bleeding.” She disregards her own wound. She is so hysterical I don’t think she fully realized she’d lost her hand.

The private with her was miraculously unharmed. He called in our location and tried to tie off our gushing wounds. He says to headquarters, “Need help now. Two down both missing limbs. I can’t stop the bleeding. Need immediate Medivac. Our position is . . . 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

On The Beach - Excerpt from  Sequin Boy and Cindy

I ask Cindy, “Can we come back next weekend?” I kept sifting the golden strands of sand through my fingers in disbelief at their sparkling fine-grained beauty. There is so much I know nothing about and so much I’ve missed.  Where have I been all my life?

She kisses me gently on the cheek and says, “We can do anything you want, Lover Boy.” No one ever called me that before.

I say, “Guess what I want to do next, Cindy?”

Cindy giggles. “We can’t, Billy, people will see.”

I shake my head no. “We can do it under the blanket.”

“We’ll get full of sand, Billy.” I notice she is looking around for a private place.

“I don’t care, Cindy. I want to make love to you now. You said I could do anything I want.”

“Okay Billy, let’s go under the Boardwalk. You are getting me hot just thinking about making love. Tell me this will never change.”

“I promise, I promise. God you are so wonderful, Cindy. I’m so happy.” There’s a certain look that Cindy gets on her face when we are about to share the moment that I can’t describe. Ecstasy? I wish I was a painter.

We stay on the beach until the sun goes down. Then we stop for pizza at some stand on the boardwalk. The pizza is greasy, very cheesy and loaded with tomato sauce. We sprinkle the pizza with pepper flakes, garlic powder and oregano, making an aromatic treat that tastes great. We each have two slices, which we wash down with super sized cokes. Finally we take the Long Island Railroad home. I hold Cindy’s hand all the way. In spite of all the soda, my thirst for Cindy is insatiable. I can’t get enough of her.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sequin Boy and Cindy

I never thought anything good was going to happen to me and then I met this girl.
I saw her standing on the other side of the train platform at Jamaica Station, NY fidgeting with the torn buckle on her faded blue backpack, waiting for the 5:35 to take her out to what I later found out was a group home in Blissville, Long Island where she lived. She’s a pretty girl with blond pigtails, big blue eyes and a great smile. And yet I sense there is something sad or withdrawn about her. Guess that makes two of us.
I think she is staring back at me.
Cindy is eighteen and works in Jamaica as a dental assistant, a job I found out she detests because she’s bored. I guess she can’t help staring across the platform at a strange looking young man in a hooded sweatshirt who appears to have some kind of shiny colored disks on his face, which are half hidden by the hood of his sweatshirt—that’s me. My name is Billy Wolk. I’m half Native American Indian. I have spirit Ancestors.
She must be thinking, what are they, those ornaments on his face? I guess she’s wondering why this strange boy is staring at her.  Probably thinks I look sad and alone. I am. I’m taken by the good looks of this thin girl who occasionally smiles at me. I think she is smiling at me. It’s hard to be sure from this distance. No one ever smiles at me. Sometimes they stare in disbelief. I almost never smile.
Cindy says to herself, “what’s with that kid staring at me? He has some weird shiny stuff hanging from his face. I’m a little scared.”

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Touching Private Parts - Excerpt Johnny Oops

Junior threw me off course when he interrupted my thinking. I was talking to him so I decided to take a break and show my work to Jody who said, “I can’t edit this. It’s off the wall. You’re on your own. If I were you I would give serious consideration to staying on the lecture circuit. You come off better when you can use your hands, and I don’t mean to write with.” 

I wasn’t listening to Jody. I was too busy listening to the boy’s choir of greater San Diego perform the Hallelujah Chorus on the radio. I was using the music to put me in the mood to write something truly spiritual. As I got in the mood the title finally came to me. I call this article, “Reach Out and Touch Someone.”
“ I had a dream I was walking in a garden and I came to a big hole in the ground that I couldn’t jump over. Then an angel came to me and said, “Touch my hand.” I did and she lifted me over the hole. I felt lifted up. I felt wonderful. If an angel can reach out and touch my soul, you can reach out and touch someone else in their private parts. It may make you both feel truly wonderful. It may give you the essential meaning of being.”

Friday, May 18, 2012

Excerpt From Johnny Oops - My Grandfather's Genes

As I got out of the shower I heard a car screeching to a halt in the driveway and my father pounding up the stairs shouting, “Johnny, Johnny, are you alright? Let me look at you. A teacher at your school saw the whole thing he said you were magnificent. I’m so proud of you.”

Dad grabbed me and hugged me so hard I was embarrassed. Had to push him away. I was still soaking wet with nothing but a hastily grabbed towel around my waist “It was nothing. I don’t know where I got the courage to do what I did.”
Dad stared at me and said, “Tomorrow you are going to find out. We are going to visit your Grandfather in the Hospital.”

Suddenly the image of my grandfather, Elijah Wilbert, flashed into my mind. I hadn’t thought about him in a long time. He was dying, and my father was taking me to the hospital to see him for the last time. Elijah Wilbert was a well-known Presbyterian Minister in Maine. I remember him as being kind of stern and rarely smiling. I’m fourteen years old and frightened by the specter of death.

He struggled to pull himself up in his hospital bed when he saw me; his shoulder length hair was all white and wavy. The room smelled antiseptic. He grasped my shoulder with his gnarled arthritic right hand, scaring me half to death, drew me close to his mouth, and in a soft voice whispered, “Always remember, Johnny, you come from good stock.”

I didn’t know what he meant at first, but driving home with my Dad I found his words very comforting. I got this big grin on my face. I come from good stock. I come from my father and grandfather’s genes. Means a lot to me. Means I’ve got a history. I’ve got the genes to do something worthwhile. I can be strong like my grandfather and father. I can make a difference. Must be God’s Will. Now it’s my turn. I just wish I knew what I’m supposed to do. Why am I sweating?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

An excerpt from my soon to be released novel Sequin Boy and Cindy.

"What's the matter Cindy? Did I do something wrong? Is it the sequins?" Her face turns a ghostly white and she clenches her fingers as she looks away from me as if she's scared I wouldn't accept or understand what she is about to say to me.

She turns even paler, takes a deep breath and says, " It's not you. I don't know how to tell you this. I'm not even sure I should so soon. I don't want to ruin our relationship before it even gets started. It's not you. It's that bastard of a stepfather of mine. He sexually abused me from the time I was fourteen until I was sixteen and could leave and go to a group home. I'm so embarrassed. I know its not my fault, but I can't help feeling like I did something wrong. I feel guilty." Then the color starts to return to her face as if a giant weight has been lifted from her heart. Cindy has revealed her terrible secret.

I gently touch her hand and say, "You did nothing wrong. I don't know why adults feel it's okay to abuse us one way or another. We can take our time. We don't have to do anything until you're ready. As long as I can be with you and hold you. I can wait as long as you want." She sighs with relief.

Suddenly I feel myself turning red with rage at the thought of her bastard stepfather taking advantage of her. I ball my fists. Then I start to cry out of frustration because there is nothing I can do. We hold each other and cry together for the abuse we have both suffered, and for our lost innocence that has left us so inhibited we can't even enjoy doing what comes naturally. Eventually with the resiliency of youth we manage to comfort each other.

After a while I walk Cindy downstairs. I say, "Will you come back on Saturday?"

Cindy looks at me in surprise and flinches in my arms. "Don't you want to see me tomorrow?"

"I do, I do, but there is something important I have to take care of. Come back Saturday afternoon. I'm planning a surprise for you. I really care about you."

"Can't you tell me what the surprise is, Billy?"

"No I can't. Then it wouldn't be a surprise, but I think you'll be pleased. I'd do anything for you, Cindy."

Monday, May 14, 2012

5 star review of Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless by James A. Anderson.

Five Star Review by James A. Anderson
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A Modern-era GULLIVER'S TRAVELS February 12, 2012
... By James A. Anderson
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Just finished Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless by the highly talented visionary Arthur J. Levine. This sequel to Johnny Oops does not disappoint. A far out, fun read to overcome the winter blues.

Johnny Oops 11 is a rocket scientist who flies a spaceship to a far away planet with his inner self, Outy, and marries a bald Blue lady by the name of Ala who never ceases asking Johnny funny questions. They have a son called Johnworld who is Magenta colored, has Yellow hair and perceives his mission in life to be to propagate different races. They spend most of their lives trying to ward off the prejudice and bigotry that follows people of color.

Discriminated against back on Earth, Johnny Oops 11 sets off once again in another spaceship together with millions of Indolts-Ala's people, and the Magentas of which Johnworld is the first. On their new home of Everworld they meet other races of various colors and stripes called the Fugats, the Juicers, and the Three Tribes.

Before long they form a Great Society, which is intent on not color-coding their emotions. After fighting off skeptical suicide bomber Mimon birds who don't believe they can succeed, they discover a new reality and enter the Paradise of their dreams.

This book is very funny satire (especially of Homeland Security and Congress) and a sort of modern-era GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. Levine's witty dialogue and outrageous plot are highly entertaining and thought provoking. There are some serious underlying philosophies offered here though.

If you want to read something decidedly different and unlike anything else on the book market, give both books a try. Highly original, thought provoking and entertaining stuff.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Johnny Didn't Use Protection - Excerpt Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless

An excerpt from  Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless. Only 99 cents on Kindle.

“What’s that Ala? I should have taught him about using protection? I have a letter from the Dean at his school?”

I can’t believe this. The Dean at Johnworld’s school wrote to me explaining that my little boy had evidently impregnated a dozen college girls by some combination of mind meld and traditional sex. None of them were complaining, and all wanted to have their babies. The Dean wanted to know what type of financial support we planned to offer these young ladies and what other responsibilities of fatherhood my little Magenta sex maniac planned on making. He asked if I realized that my little Johnny was single handed producing a whole new race of people. He went on to inform me that although the relationships were very consensual he felt obligated to inform the Homeland Security people because this involved a whole new race of people and he didn’t know what else to do.

“Ala, help. What do I do now?”

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Johnny Oops 11 - Discovers Thousands of Pounds of Diamonds

Wouldn't you like to discover thousands of pounds of pure white diamonds growing like stalagmites in underground caves in a far away universe. That's what Johnny Oops 11 does in  Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless. And he returns with them and a Blue lady named Ala who is his wife to earth to start a new race of Magenta colored people with Yellow hair to spread the wealth, take wing to new dreams, and create a common telepathic band of new wave thinking.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Excerpt from Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless

Standing six feet three inches of rippling muscles tall I make a ridiculous figure cramped into the webbing of our silver pluton alloy framed sling shot vehicle with my long blond hair falling over my shoulders and tangling with the meshing. Outy takes up no room at all because he is only my inner self.

Both Outy and I have steely Blue eyes, which in my case are darting furiously around looking for a safe haven to land at.

If my father Johnny Oops Senior were here now he would appreciate what I’m doing. He always wanted to travel between worlds, but in his case all his efforts were virtual. Mine are real—the product of the scientific genius of my mind. I see Outy is crawling back inside my thoughts. This project is too much for him. Fine with me, I don’t need an inner self. I’m near perfection on my own.

How do I get myself into these messes? I’m always in such a hurry. Why can’t I slow down? What am I out to prove, that I’m the greatest rocket scientist in the world? That I can build a spaceship that can go faster than any other? Sounds about right.