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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Johnny Oops Says - Excerpt From Johnny Oops

You can’t stop the future from happening. You can only alter your concept of reality. That’s where I come in. I’m a philosopher genius. I can effect change.

Johnny Oops

Thursday, April 19, 2012

He's A Messenger Of God - Johnny Oops

Rebecca Forster, bestselling author of the Hostile Witness Series says about Johnny Oops,

“Hell bent to prove he’s a messenger of God, and not just a teenager overcome by raging hormones, Johnny Oops sets out on a Journey to find himself. Unable to decide if he is a charlatan, prophet or sex maniac, Johnny’s wild ride of self discovery and coming of age leads him down a tumultuous road of highs and heartbreak, beginnings and attempted endings to one, final life-changing epiphany. Electrified by the genes of a genius, counseled and conflicted by his inner self, Johnny finds that salvation and redemption can only be had by traveling the precarious vistas of a new reality of his own making.”


Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Russians Are Coming - Excerpt Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless

Now we’re in for it. Looks like the whole Russian army is out to greet up. They don’t look the least bit friendly.

“Johnny, what’s with all the tanks and people in military uniforms?”

“I warned you, this is Russia, Ilo. Don’t expect a warm welcome. They didn’t authorize you to land here.”

“Should we destroy some of their tanks to show them this is the wrong approach to take with us?”

“No, no, Ilo. Let’s try and reason with them first. You don’t want to start a war.”

“We are not the ones threatening our people with tanks, Johnny. I want to get out of this Siberia as soon as possible. Its too cold here.”

“Can you think to them in Russian, Ilo?”

“Of course, Johnny. You can too. Just use your imagination.”

“I’m afraid I don’t have the kind of imagination your people do, Ilo.”

“You do Johnny, you just don’t know how to use all your faculties.”

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Voting Rights - Excerpt Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless

I don’t know how I get myself into these situations. I just wanted to be a rocket scientist. Now I’m a representative to an alien race and the protector of a minority group of Magenta colored half Humans including my son. 

Our dear Senator looks none too happy. “Senator Wills, I appreciate you seeing me on such short notice, but we are facing a crisis. The Indolts are really mad at Homeland Security’s treatment of my son, the first of the Magenta’s. He was born here in Florida and they want to deny him citizenship, which is against the laws of the US. There are other Magentas about to be or already born here. The Indolts are preparing to leave the US in a new spaceship and take the Magenta’s and their diamonds with them if they are treated like second-class citizens or resident aliens. They now account for more than twenty percent of GDP. You can’t let this happen. The Magentas will grow in number and age very rapidly and form a major voting base. I’m sure you want them on your side.”

Senator Wills turned red and asked, “How many potential voters are we talking about, Johnny.”

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter, Pagans, and Passover

There seems to be much scholarly discourse that links the Christian tradition of Easter to the Jewish tradition of Passover and to certain Pagan rituals and beliefs that came before them. There is even some dispute over the actual date of Christ’s death and resurrection, but the faith that each of us hold in our hearts cannot be in dispute. I believe we can all relate to that.

The name Easter may have first been associated with an ancient God, The Venerable Bede, (672-735). He was the father God of the Saxon people in Northern Europe who was known as Eastra.

Many Pagan religions in the Mediterranean area had a major seasonal day of religious celebration following the Spring Equinox. Cybele, the Phrygian fertility goddess had a fictional consort named Attis who was believed to have been born in a virgin birth and to have died and been resurrected during the March 22 to March 25th period around 200 B.C. Wherever Christian worship of Jesus and Pagan worship of Attis were active in the same area at around the same time, Christians and Pagans used to quarrel about which of their gods was the true one.

My own opinion is that we shouldn’t worry too much about what the experts say. I think its what you feel in your heart and soul that counts at this holy time of year. I think it’s your family traditions, your personal beliefs, and the religious rituals you have grown up with that really matter.

Easter has Judeo-Christian origins. The life of Jesus Christ as recorded in the gospels includes the Christian version of this theme. Good Friday is observed in remembrance of Jesus’ execution by an occupying Roman army, and his burial in a cave. Easter Sunday is the date when a group of his female followers first noticed that the tomb was empty, and concluded that he had been resurrected.

The timing of the Christian celebration of Easter is linked to the Jewish celebration of Passover. The name Passover was derived from the angel of death passing over homes of Jews, which were marked with the blood of a lamb thus sparing the first born of such homes. Liberal Theologians link Passover to ancient pre-Israelite Pagan rituals practiced by wandering Semitic shepherds in celebration of an agricultural harvest using unleavened bread.

Passover was the most important feast of the Jewish calendar, celebrated around the 22nd of March. The Synoptic gospels of Mark, Mathew, and Luke stated that Jesus’ last supper was a Seder or Passover celebration.

Most Christians believe that Jesus Christ was executed and buried just before the beginning of Passover on Friday evening. A minority believes that the execution occurred on a Wednesday or Thursday.  Some liberal Christians have suggested that the early Christian Church arbitrarily selected Passover as the time thus allowing them to link the most important religious days in Judaism and Christianity.

Whatever your personal beliefs are, whatever the actual dates are, don’t let the skeptics amongst us deter you from celebrating your religious beliefs and traditions. Don’t let those of little faith keep you from believing.

Easter is a Christian Festival, which celebrates Christ’s Resurrection. Today eggs are decorated and exchanged with friends and family to commemorate the unification of all God’s children. In ancient times eggs were exchanged to symbolize the continuance of life after death. Eggs have also served as a symbol of fertility. Early Christianity is thought to have adopted the idea and incorporated it into their Easter celebration. Let the celebration continue.