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Friday, September 24, 2010

Do You Test Life's Borders?

Johnny is always testing life’s borders. Join him and discover how far you are willing to press your own vision of reality. Is God really a Game Master? Are we all bit players in a giant virtual reality game? Is your sexuality inhibiting you?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Johnny's Virtual Reality World Becomes Real

Johnny is tired of living in the now, but he has little choice. He starts off as a fictional character in the novel Johnny Oops. Along the way his virtual reality world becomes real—at least to him. For the rest of us it’s hard to decide what’s real and what isn’t, just as in real life. How do you know you’re real, or if you are part of a new virtual reality that we don’t understand? Are we all part of a giant game constructed by some Game Master for his or her own entertainment or are we all God’s children?

Johnny Oops doesn’t know if he’s a charlatan, a sex maniac, or a prophet, or even if he’s real, but he’s convinced he’s God’s messenger. Don’t be shocked, but sometimes his actions are so outrageous, that he feels out of this world. He’s searching for his true identity and questioning if he’s real—scandalous goings on for someone who presumes to be a prophet and a messenger from God.

Johnny Oops is about our quest for reality. How our sexuality affects what we do. Reaching out to others to validate ourselves. The random acts of nature that rule our lives, and the ability to make choices that affect our destiny.

It’s about searching for the meaning of life. Trying to get closer to God. Keeping faith in the jungle and chaos of life. Trying to decide who is this higher power we seek salvation from, and determining our sense of the hereafter and immortality?

It’s about discovering our Promise—the ability to make a positive contribution to society, and the desire to do good that defines our actions. It’s about redeeming virtues, human weaknesses, and sometimes it’s about just plain sex.

Johnny’s actions all come down to the search to discover who and what every man really is, and why we react the way we do to our circumstances.

Unique and imaginative, Johnny is always testing life’s borders. Join him and discover how far you are willing to press your own vision of reality.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Virtual Reading

Hi everyone. I will be giving a virtual reading at The Spinning wheel: An old fashioned cafe and bookstore for authors and readers at Kindle on Oct. 12, 2010. Please join us at: