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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Does God Use Flash?

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(C) Copyright Arthur Levine, 2010
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I’ve been wondering lately if God uses Flash to get our attention, or is he an I Pad kind of Almighty Being? Everything is moving so fast; it’s hard for me to tell. Sometimes what’s happening doesn’t seem real. I’m getting an other world feeling.

Maybe God finds all our attempts at technological invention funny. After all, He must have put all these ideas in our heads, or we would never have thought of them.

I hope this is not some form of game competing Deities are playing with our minds. There is only supposed to be one God no matter what His religion, right?

How do you know what is real and what is fiction these days? We are being told so many conflicting theories by the scientific community that it is hard to decide which ones are right and which ones are just figments of their imagination. I think the Media is at fault.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting very tired of taking various foodstuffs off the food pyramid just when I was getting used to their taste because some genius has decided it causes cancer.

Someone has to make a decision about whether Sun bathing is going to give us much-needed vitamin D or give us skin cancer. I don’t want both for the price of one.

And before I pass away from a brain tumor, I would really like to know whether cell phones give you tumors or just a headache from talking or listening too much. I’m the kind of guy that talks too much because it is hard for me to hear on the darn things. Has your Grandmother told you that your fingers are going to fall off from too much texting yet? Wait until you get the bill.

Some people say that we can get very sick from the casing some of our pills come in and we should take our medicine orally in liquid form. I thought that was what I was doing until someone told me to stop drinking – it wasn’t good for my health.

Then there’s the whole smoking scenario. Being the stubborn self willed type of person that I am, I stopped smoking cold turkey with no patches or any type of crutch. Now I’ve blown up like a huge stuffed turkey myself, and if I don’t stop eating too much I’m going to need a real pair of crutches to get around. I bet I’m eating the wrong type of foods too. Probably going to kill myself from too much carbonated soda if the gas attacks or new government taxes don’t get me first.

When you stop and think about it, I believe that too much science and too much technology is probably the cause of a lot of our health problems. I bet we would all live longer if we walked more like our forefathers and only ate what we grew or hunted or fished for. Can’t fish anymore anyway because of the oil in the Gulf I guess.

That’s another thing, why are we so dependant on oil? Our forefathers didn’t need to fill their tanks with gas. They knew better. They didn’t even have tanks, but they did have taxes. That’s why we have America today. The British were slow to figure out we didn’t like to pay taxes. Somebody in our government better wise up. I can sense another Tea Party coming, and this one might be the big one we’ve all been waiting for.

Our forefathers didn’t have any immigration problems either. They were all immigrants, but then they came here on ships across the ocean, not by sneaking across the border, Sort of a process of natural selection I guess. If you could make it across the rough oceans on one of those leaky ships, immigration services weren’t about to send you back. My Grandmother came here on a tramp steamer lasting for fourteen days on bread and water. Someone stole all her belongings and provisions. She was thirteen at the time and lived in the US as a naturalized citizen until she passed at the age of 96. I’m really glad she made the trip.

What happened to our independence? It seems like it was gone in a Flash, or was that just a fleeting image I caught on my I Pad. One thing’s for sure, I need a new App. Something that will show me what to do, how to survive, something that will teach me right from wrong.

Oops, I forgot -- that’s God’s job.