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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Elements Of A Good Read

The elements of a good read are largely personal, individual to each reader. While a literary story draws one type of reader, the action/adventure draws another. Tastes and needs differ. This is why there are so many genres in fiction, so many categories in nonfiction.

Take for example the desires of the mystery versus those of the fantasy reader. Mysteries are typically grounded in reality--present day settings, characters that may be larger than life but retain their humanity. Fantasies on the other hand are largely a reality of the writer's own making--characters may or may not be human or humanoid, settings are out of this world.

A good way to determine if a particular novel is for you is to read the first few chapters. Does the story compel you to read on? Do you feel sympathetic to the main character(s)? Can you relate to what is happening to them?

Another thing to determine what you want to read is if you like the writer’s style of writing. Many novelists write in the third person. Others use the first person while still others use a combination of both. Some writers employ flash backs as a way to develop plot. Others prefer to go on a straight line from a to b. What style of writing do you prefer? What types of stories and genres peak your interest?

Perhaps the most important things to decide in determining if a particular book will be a good read for you is to answer the question is this entertaining? Am I going to have fun and enjoy myself reading this particular novel? Should I look for something that is more my style?

Perhaps the ultimate test is not wanting to put the book down after you start reading. Then you know you are onto something that will hold your attention. Something that is a real page-turner. A novel where you have to keep reading to find out what happens next.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chapter Two of Tornado Talon has been posted

Go to to get your free reading of chapter 2 of Tornado Talon.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Author Offers Her Latest Novel On Line For Free

Sun River, Montana – Mari L. Bushman thought it would be fun to give something back to her growing fan base out there, so with her publisher Jigsaw Press's blessings, she chose her sixteenth novel, Tornado Talon, to share with any and all. She’ll start with the prologue, naturally, and once a week, post the next chapter of the story. Hope you enjoy it!

For those of you new to her warped story-telling mind, may this story bring you a laugh or a smile or even let you escape your everyday concerns for a while. Feel free to share this and all future installments with your friends.

Mari Bushman epitomizes the free willed spirit of Montana. She started out as a singer/songwriter until a terrible accident caused her to change her career path and become an author. Tired of having her work rejected by major publishing companies, she started her own publishing company in rural Montana near the Sun River where she could satisfy her passion for writing fantasy novels, raising a daughter, and riding horses.

Other authors were attracted to her no nonsense frontier approach to publishing and she soon had her own publishing company promoting not only her novels, but those of a chosen few she had selected because of the quality and uniqueness of their offerings.

Personally editing every novel she accepts for publication, Mari Bushman evidences an adherence to the strict principals of writing that she holds so dear. Many an author has shuddered when they hear Mari with her editor’s hat on tell them, “You have to get rid of your little darlings. It doesn’t work.”

Mari is dedicated to bringing readers a choice of quality authors and their writing, which they might never have otherwise been exposed to. She is in effect creating her own market place, where hitherto unknown authors can enjoy the type of care and nurturing they could only have dreamed of, and where the only criteria is the value and creativity of their work.

Mari has even gone so far as to start her own book distribution business where authors can post their books for a dollar a year and ten cents a copy on the honor system to counter the huge fees and discounts that the major book distribution companies take. Her new entry is called 45 Caliber books and reflects her reputation for shooting straight from the heart when she talks about her love for publishing, writing, her authors and the publishing company she has formed called Jigsaw Publishing.

Mari herself is no slouch when it comes to writing fantasy novels such as Miracle and The Implausible Hero both of which can be previewed at her publishing company’s website at To read her free installments of Tornado Talon go to

Contact Information:

Mari L. Bushman
Jigsaw Press
784 US Hwy 89
Sun River, MT 59487

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brady's Run Takes Off

Brady's Run is taking off. This new cutting edge mystery described in the last posting is selling like hotcakes at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Check out a free preview at

Monday, March 9, 2009

Missing Piece Of Your Literary Puzzle Uncovered

Sun River, Montana – Jigsaw Press announces the release of Brady's Run, the first novel in the Max Brady Mystery series by award-winning journalist and author Joseph Collum. The recipient of over 100 journalism awards throughout his career, Mr. Collum is cited in the Oxford Dictionary as the man who coined the term 'racial profiling' as a result of his in-depth investigative reporting that bared the practice to the world. Mr. Collum's final assignment took him to Ground Zero on September 11, 2001 and the days immediately following the collapse of the Twin Towers. Since returning to his roots in Florida where the mystery Brady’s Run is set, Mr. Collum has been writing and contributing reports to PBS. Brady’s Run is Mr. Collum's first foray into fiction.

Finally people can uncover the missing pieces of their reading puzzle such as Brady’s Run by turning to an independent Western publisher called Jigsaw Press. Talk about imagination, mystery and fantasy; this dynamic publisher has it all.

Led by strong-willed Montanan Mari L.Bushman, Jigsaw Press endeavors to introduce us to innovative and fantastic novels with the power to change not only our reading habits, but also the way we think about life. No longer will we be satisfied with the mundane and ordinary fare served up by the so-called traditional publishing establishment. Jigsaw Press’s stable of author’s presents truly uninhibited literary options to a growing universe of readers interested in something more, something special--stories worth reading.

Like the upcoming mystery Brady's Run, each novel Jigsaw Press delivers is edited with Ms. Bushman’s personal touch and sense of enlightened enthusiasm and demonstrates her freewheeling Montana spirit. Each exciting thought-provoking book published by Jigsaw Press bears the mark of her great personal attention and care. This isn’t big city corporate-type publishing. This is the real thing, the way novels and books used to be, produced by someone who cares about your reading experience and wants to make it the best, most pleasurable, entertaining and informative read you can find.

Jigsaw Press is the place you go to discover the truly unusual in fantasy, mystery, paranormal fiction and more. Offerings by Jigsaw Press such as Brady's Run are works of love, projecting a new literary voice and enticing you, the reader, to the maximum in entertainment with the discovery of something fresh and unconventional.

Uncover the missing pieces of your reading puzzle and, at the same time, discover a new dimension of reading pleasure in the unparalleled experience that awaits you with mysteries like Brady's Run by award-winning author Joseph Collum, available from independent publisher Jigsaw Press. Preview the first fifty pages of the e book version at

Contact Information:

Mari L. Bushman, executive editor
Jigsaw Press
784 US Hwy 89
Sun River, MT 59487

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do Publishers Really Care About The Economy?

Most publishers would say they care about what is happening to the economy if for no other reason than the current downturn affects the number of books they sell and the profits they can realize. Yet, there are a few publishing companies who go a step further and demonstrate how much they care by making their customers' reading experience as pleasurable and low cost as possible.

The smarter independent publishers are taking advantage of the trend to Internet sales of books--fiction and nonfiction--to provide readers with inexpensive e-books that can give them the type of literary experience they desire on a budget they can afford.

These publishing innovators are eliminating printing costs to provide their customers with a low cost alternative to the printed book, and combining it with the convenience of an instant download. Read what you want almost instantly.

As the ever-advancing technology of our age makes it possible now to download e-books to cell phones and other hand-held instruments, the rush to the Internet by publishers and authors will only increase exponentially. This innovation allows forward-thinking publishers to provide readers on the go with a worthwhile, time efficient, literary experience that accommodates busy schedules.

Although publishers are stuck with the considerable expense of editing, layout and cover design, eliminating the printing and return book costs that drive up all book prices in the long run goes a long way toward increasing the reading public's buying power, especially in troubled financial times like these.

In this new and ever-changing world of ours some things don’t change, and greed is no longer so easily disguised or dismissed. Charging whatever the bean counters think the market will bear for any product simply to please the shareholders of the corporation gives the entirely wrong impression and may spell disaster in the near future. Publishers of all sizes should recognize the financial difficulties facing readers everywhere and take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate where their loyalties truly lie--to their customers--by offering unique entertainment, information and escape in e-Books.

Hi this is Arthur Levine. The missing pieces of your reading puzzle don't have to cost an arm and a leg. For under four dollars a pop, independent publishers like Jigsaw Press are endeavoring to help you get your literary kicks quick and easy at a really low price with cutting edge novels published in e-book form. For free previews and to order, visit Jigsaw Press at