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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Little Christmas Tree That Could

Many years ago when Johnny Oops son, Johnny Jr., had twin baby girls and was pursuing a quest to find his faith in God, he bought a tiny little Christmas tree to celebrate the holidays. It was all that he could afford at the time.

His wife and little children were very disappointed that the tree was so small. They didn’t say anything, but Johnny Jr. knew it, and was upset that they were not happy. He wished and prayed that the tree was larger and more magnificent.

The night before Christmas when he went to put his few meager presents under the tree, he was startled to notice that the Christmas tree had grown much larger. It was taller by more than three feet and wider and its branches seemed to sparkle. The few tiny ornaments and lights that Johnny Jr. and his wife had managed to put up also appeared to have multiplied, and now their sparkle lit up the whole room.

Johnny Jr. called his wife and little children over to witness this miracle of the little Christmas tree that could grow. He had been praying that things would get better for him and his family, but he never dreamt that his prayers would be answered in this manner.

Johnny and his family were convinced that it was their faith in God that gave them the miracle of the little tree that could grow.

Do you have something happening in your life that can help make your faith grow stronger? Has something happened to you that seems like a miracle at this wonderful time of the year? Think about it. Sometimes it is the little acts of faith in our lives that can help make miracles happen. Sometimes our prayers do get answered if we truly believe.

I believe that each of you has a little Christmas tree in you heart that could grow larger if you just have enough faith that it could. Miracles do happen. I pray that at this marvelous time of the year that the miracle of your dreams happens for you. I think it could. I think it could. I think it could, as your faith grows stronger.

Hi, this is Arthur Levine wishing you a happy holiday and a merry Christmas. Please visit us to read more about Johnny Oops at

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