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Thursday, September 11, 2008

45 Caliber Books--a Labor of Love, Insanity, and Whiskey.

45 Caliber Books quietly opened its doors on Monday, September 08, 2008, after many, many hours of intense labor, a few bouts of sleep-deprived insanity, and more than one bottle of fine Tennessee sipping whiskey, according to one of the site's founders.

This seeds of this project were planted over three years ago, when the need for an alternative bookselling site that had readers, authors and publishers best interests at heart was first recognized by a few forward-looking individuals. However, the idea remained just that, a seed, until the recent strong-arm tactics of Amazon came to light last February. And that's when the idea took serious root and began to grow.

The site is unique in too many aspects to list here, but a couple of the more interesting options available to authors and publishers include editing their listings, 24/7, and the ability to embed buy buttons to author or publisher's personal shopping cart within the book pages themselves, in addition to the Paypal Buy Now option offered by the site. Consumers purchase books directly from the participating author or publisher--45 Caliber Books does not receive any money in the transaction.

To bring readers to the best deals authors and publishers can afford to offer them, 45 Caliber Books is currently looking for authors and publishers to stock their virtual shelves with books for sale to the general reading public. E-Books, paperbacks, hardcovers, audio, DVDs, all are welcome. Registration is always free and the ultra-low annual listing fee of one dollar per book has been waived until the first of the year. Check out the Listing TOS on the drop-down menu under Members, click on the How This Site Works for their general T&C, then tour a sample book page or two.

A couple of other points to ponder: ten cents a sale--on the honor system; and if you have several versions of your book to sell--say, a paperback as well as an e-Book, a hardcover plus a paperback plus an e-Book--you are encouraged to embed buy buttons to each version within the main book listing page at no extra charge.

"We don't believe authors and publishers should have to pay us to list each version of their book on our site," said Mari Bushman, spokesperson for 45 Caliber Books as well as author and editor for Jigsaw Press. "That's just another way to rip-off the author or publisher that ultimately results in higher prices to the consumer. We want to see the readers get a fair shake and the authors and publishers make a little money for a change."

"Speaking for myself and on behalf of my silent partners," she said, "our sole impetus in creating this site has been and is to give readers a place to connect directly with authors and publishers that doesn't hold anyone's wallet hostage in the process. We want to leave this part of the publishing world--especially the readers, authors and publishers--better off than we found it. This is truly a labor of love, and maybe insanity, for all of us. If we make enough after operating expenses and marketing for a bottle of fine Tennessee sipping whiskey, we'll be more than satisfied."

Mari Bushman
45 Caliber Books
784 US Hwy 89
Vaughn, MT, 59487
Toll-free number 877-833-1445

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