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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Whole New Country

It’s a whole new Country we are living in here in America, and I don’t like the changes.

The freedoms our forefathers fought for are giving way to supervised doled out living by the Federal Government.

A new Federal monster called National Healthcare is on the way, which will become the largest government agency; swiftly outgrowing social security, and reducing benefits to the elderly under Medicare.

Capitalism is almost dead, creeping socialism is on the way, and life as we know it may never be the same.

Freedom of choice is quickly becoming obsolete. The age of big brother is upon us. Soon we will probably all be embedded with a federal ID chip, and our movements will no longer be private.

For those of us who need supervision and cannot make it in our lives on their own, these changes may be welcome.

For those of us who prefer to rely on our own abilities, these changes spell the death knell to our dreams and hopes.

Quality doctors will opt out of the system, preferring to treat only private patients rather than be told what they can and cannot charge.

Waiting up to six months for a heart operation as in England will become the norm, but Congress won’t give up their excellent health care coverage to join the masses in this boondoggle of bureaucracy.

Clerks that can hardly speak or write English or Spanish properly will be in charge of the forms you have to submit to get medical care. Mistakes can be appealed in an endless futile procedure.

Our banks will be downsized, eliminating moral hazard, and our ability to compete effectively internationally.

Credit card debt will be constricted. Home ownership will be restricted, and savings will rise as inflation and interest rates become seven percent and seven percent within three years as a result of the federal reserves massive injections of money into the system and the Federal Government’s deficit creation, and huge spending splurges that go on and on, as wealth is redistributed from rich to poor to pay for the expenditures. There will never be enough.

Employment will be permanently downsized, as small business sees no incentive, or reason to expand. Staying under $250,000 in earnings to limit tax liability will become more important.

By the time the younger generation wakes up to the fact that change they counted on has turned us into a third rate economic power with no ability to produce anything worthwhile, it will be too late. The damage will have been done, and the economic horrors that will be wrought on their children who will inherit an unsustainable debt, will lead to the possibility of anarchy.

It’s a whole new Country we are becoming, and I don’t like the direction it is taking one bit. I cherish freedom of choice. I love the ability to make my own decisions. I like it the way we had it, but for now I’m in the minority.

As more and more Americans become aware of the freedoms we are losing, the picture may change. I wonder if we will come into reality in time to stop a catastrophe from happening. I prey that we do.

Don’t take away our incentive to live free. The Country will be the loser if you do. Don’t take away our freedom of choice.

If this is the new reality we are living in, I’d rather be in a virtual reality world.

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