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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Death Of Character

What ever happened to your word being your bond?

What ever happened to meaning what you say and doing what you mean?

What ever happened to character as a driving force in your life?

Did character mean anything in deciding who are leaders are going to be, or did that requirement die with out parents?

Is it all right to lie as long as you think what you are saying is in the public’s best interest?

Who gets to decide how much the truth can be twisted and when you can misinform the public in the name of patriotism?

What happened to the requirement to tell the truth as best you know it?

When did decision masking stop using principal and a values system as prime ingredients in deciding what to do?

It’s almost scary how we have come to accept that we are not being told the truth and can’t expect that what we hear is what was meant. What happened to the people of character who told us what they believed and believed what they said?

Character has been sacrificed to the bully pulpit of expediency. Our leaders no longer think having high morals and a value system is important in a world beset by terrorism.

Now it’s every man and woman for himself or herself. Forget telling the truth. Forget meaning what you say. Just do what’s expedient, twist the truth to suit your own purposes, and let the devil take the hindmost.

If character isn’t dead, it certainly is on its deathbed and we are at fault because we have become too permissive. We allow people to lie to us and get away with it. We allow people to twist the truth and stand there applauding in the hopes that these mirages and fictions of the mind will somehow magically become real.

What has become of our common sense? When did we start believing in fairytales again? Where will this lead us if not to the destruction of our democracy and all we hold dear? What would our forefathers who fought for our independence have though of how passive and gullible we have become? Is this the beginning of the end of freedom, as we know it?

It’s time for you to stand up, show some character, and answer the questions.

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