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Saturday, February 27, 2010

How Do You Know You Are Real?

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How do you know if you are any good at whatever it is that you like doing?

How do you know if the person you love really loves you back?

How do you know if what you are doing is worthwhile?

How do you know that God is real?

How do you know if you are real?

How do you find the faith to follow your dreams?

How do you know if you’re doing the right thing?

How do you know what the future has in store for you?

How do you know how to make choices and avoid doing evil?

I guess none of us have all the answers

I guess the answer to all of the above questions are to follow your instincts. If you don’t believe in yourself and what you are doing, how are you ever going to succeed?

We can rely on various experts and even on the search function of Internet Companies such as Google and Yahoo and Bing, but in the final analysis, the only ones we can rely on to help us find the answers to our questions and help us solve the questions that are plaguing so many of us are ourselves.

We have to learn to have faith in our abilities and follow our instincts. We have to learn to believe in God without questioning whether He is real or not. We have to care about others so that they can find it in their hearts to care about us.

We have to believe in ourselves and the choices we make so that we may know that we are real, and serve a worthwhile function, and have a purpose in life, and have a unique promise to fulfill for ourselves and our loved ones.

If you do all you can do, you will discover that you are a worthwhile person who is entitled to believe in yourself. You will find confirmation that you are good at what you do by the recognition of your peers, and the encouragement you receive from those that care about you. You can achieve theis confidence of faith by believing in yourself and your God, but don’t worry if you still have questions. That’s only human.

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