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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Learning To Be Irish

Just finished reading a great book. Here is my review. It's available at the Kindle store or on Smashwords.

Learning To Be Irish – Review *****

Have you ever read about a place that you’ve never been to and felt that you knew it intimately because the home and the people were so well described? I could practically smell the fire in the fireplace and hear the Irish brogue of the town gossip. That’s how I felt when I read Learning To Be Irish, and that’s how I felt about the main characters, the strong willed Daire, and the man she came to love, Padraic. I felt I knew them both and was a part of their lives. This is a place where a homespun instant wedding takes place, a child is conceived and a grand father’s fondest wish comes true in a land of Leprechauns and faeries.

Learning To Be Irish is about finding love and happiness. It’s a beautiful tale of a simpler time and a lush small village in Ireland where true virtue was really important, the simplest gesture could easily be misinterpreted, the community of gossip prone towns people worked together to help a stranger, and a tinge of mystery and strange goings on was always in the air. This is a wonderful place where people can walk around so enjoying life that they feel like they have a pocket full of emeralds. Charmingly told and heart warming—you will laugh and cry. This novel deserves five stars.

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  1. Shhh! Don’t tell. Didju know I’m certifiably insane and I’m writing from a state-mental-facility on Mars? (Latin: Totidem Verbis [in so many words]) Yeah, baby! YEAH!!! Ain’t it cool??