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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Entitlement Generation

I’ve been watching what’s going on with the riots in NYC. The one thing that comes to mind is that these young people think that some rich guy, or the government is responsible for giving them a living whether or not they work. That’s not how this Country was founded, or the principals on which it is based.

They want their student loans cancelled, and pretty soon will be asking for free homes. What happened to working for what you want? Might not be the kind of work you want to do at times, but you can find work in this Country if you really want to.

What happened to free enterprise and personal freedom? What happened to Capitalism? Try marching around in Russia and see what happens to you.

I keep hearing the words Marxism and Collectives. That experiment with Communism died in Russia. This is America the land of the free. Stop milling around with signs and get to work and create something. Stop trying to leach off the people who have made something of themselves in this society.

I can’t help think how proud these kids parent’s must be of this Entitlement Generation they have created. They’ve managed to demean the very spirit of America. Congratulations. Why don’t you get on the begging line with your kids so you can serve as an example to them? Oh, I forgot. You’re probably at work making a living and supporting these naive geniuses you’ve created.


  1. Excellent points, Arthur. That's the American way, and has been for a long time.

    Work hard, don't expect anything to be handed to you...and don't expect a bailout.

    The only thing that shocked me is how it's all fine to cry 'Socialism' and point fingers at one leader or another, but the bankers sure were happy to be socialist about it when everybody had to chip in to clean up their mess.

  2. I think that you'd have to expand this quite considerably to make your point. As it stands, it strikes me as extremely tendentious. I must assume that the "people who have made something of themselves in this society" are the people who work in Wall Street, who don't actually make money. They've merely worked out a clever way to take it off everyone else, and when it all goes belly-up, as it did in 2008, they come to the government cap in hand looking for handouts, like the people you criticize.

    I'm not American, by the way, so I can stand on the sidelines and laugh. Borrowing money you have no hope of ever paying back is no way to run a country.