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Monday, November 14, 2011

You Can’t Color Code Your Emotions


New York, NY – Even if you are Magenta colored with Yellow hair like the son of Johnny Oops 11 in the novel Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless, you can’t color-code your emotions and get away with it. Doesn’t matter to this rocket scientist who visits new planets and starts new races of people whether you are Blue like his wife, Ala of the Indolt race who are telepathic, or green like the Fugats, or striped like the Juicers, or Magenta colored like his son, Johnworld 1

What matters is that you care about people of all colors and stripes, and respect their differences as you strive to develop a great new intergalactic society that encompasses all people of good faith.

Johnny Oop’s son, Johnworld 1 is intent on propagating different races and is quite prolific in this endeavor causing the ire of the government of the US and many members of different existing races whose daughters he impregnates using a combination of normal techniques and a mind meld. The result is children who grow rapidly and advance physically beyond their normal years. The result is overcrowding in the US pushing humans into Mexico to find work and eventually the Magentas to a new planet called Everworld where they find the paradise of their dreams.

On the planet of Everworld, Humans, Magentas, Indolts, Stripers, Fugats, and Juicers all come together to fight the evil spirits of artificial intelligence agents called the Tom Toms to form a great new society where the color of your skin is less important than your faith in a common God.

Their world only partly created, Johnworld, Johnny Oops 11, and Ala are summoned by the Mermaloids—a group of half fish, half humans to swim through the deep lake to find the paradise of their dreams. This paradise is a way station of timeless dimensions on their passage to a spirit world and Heaven.


Arthur Levine/Author

Johnny Oops 11 – Timeless

Available on Kindle, in print on Amazon, and on Smashwords in most digital forms.

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