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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A TV Wedding

The TV interviewer welcomes Cindy and I and says, “The whole Nation is rooting for you. How do you feel about your Army experience?”

I say, “The Army did a lot for us. They took care of us when we were wounded. Gave us a generous disability pension, and are paying for our college tuition, but they never should have separated us. This wouldn’t have happened.”

Cindy starts to cry on live TV and whimpers, “We needed to be together. They promised us.”

The TV Commentator decides crying wouldn’t wash on his program and turning to us with a big smile on his face asks, “So what do you kids plan to do now?” he has to repeat the question because I’m concentrating on calming Cindy down. Finally on his second try he gets me to answer.

I say,  “We want to get married, go to college, and have a family as soon as we can afford a wedding. We want to get good jobs and have a real future so we can raise our kids the way we never were.”

The senior producer on the show runs onto the stage and promises that the station will make us a beautiful wedding free of charge and pay for the honeymoon. He is wearing a green v-neck sweater over a shirt with a torn collar and a pair of dungarees. I guess he wasn’t planning on being on camera. Cindy starts to cry again. I turn to comfort her and I start to cry. Then the producer starts to cry. By the time the interview is over every one in the TV Station and I guess the audience is crying.

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