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Monday, March 9, 2009

Missing Piece Of Your Literary Puzzle Uncovered

Sun River, Montana – Jigsaw Press announces the release of Brady's Run, the first novel in the Max Brady Mystery series by award-winning journalist and author Joseph Collum. The recipient of over 100 journalism awards throughout his career, Mr. Collum is cited in the Oxford Dictionary as the man who coined the term 'racial profiling' as a result of his in-depth investigative reporting that bared the practice to the world. Mr. Collum's final assignment took him to Ground Zero on September 11, 2001 and the days immediately following the collapse of the Twin Towers. Since returning to his roots in Florida where the mystery Brady’s Run is set, Mr. Collum has been writing and contributing reports to PBS. Brady’s Run is Mr. Collum's first foray into fiction.

Finally people can uncover the missing pieces of their reading puzzle such as Brady’s Run by turning to an independent Western publisher called Jigsaw Press. Talk about imagination, mystery and fantasy; this dynamic publisher has it all.

Led by strong-willed Montanan Mari L.Bushman, Jigsaw Press endeavors to introduce us to innovative and fantastic novels with the power to change not only our reading habits, but also the way we think about life. No longer will we be satisfied with the mundane and ordinary fare served up by the so-called traditional publishing establishment. Jigsaw Press’s stable of author’s presents truly uninhibited literary options to a growing universe of readers interested in something more, something special--stories worth reading.

Like the upcoming mystery Brady's Run, each novel Jigsaw Press delivers is edited with Ms. Bushman’s personal touch and sense of enlightened enthusiasm and demonstrates her freewheeling Montana spirit. Each exciting thought-provoking book published by Jigsaw Press bears the mark of her great personal attention and care. This isn’t big city corporate-type publishing. This is the real thing, the way novels and books used to be, produced by someone who cares about your reading experience and wants to make it the best, most pleasurable, entertaining and informative read you can find.

Jigsaw Press is the place you go to discover the truly unusual in fantasy, mystery, paranormal fiction and more. Offerings by Jigsaw Press such as Brady's Run are works of love, projecting a new literary voice and enticing you, the reader, to the maximum in entertainment with the discovery of something fresh and unconventional.

Uncover the missing pieces of your reading puzzle and, at the same time, discover a new dimension of reading pleasure in the unparalleled experience that awaits you with mysteries like Brady's Run by award-winning author Joseph Collum, available from independent publisher Jigsaw Press. Preview the first fifty pages of the e book version at

Contact Information:

Mari L. Bushman, executive editor
Jigsaw Press
784 US Hwy 89
Sun River, MT 59487

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