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Monday, March 16, 2009

Author Offers Her Latest Novel On Line For Free

Sun River, Montana – Mari L. Bushman thought it would be fun to give something back to her growing fan base out there, so with her publisher Jigsaw Press's blessings, she chose her sixteenth novel, Tornado Talon, to share with any and all. She’ll start with the prologue, naturally, and once a week, post the next chapter of the story. Hope you enjoy it!

For those of you new to her warped story-telling mind, may this story bring you a laugh or a smile or even let you escape your everyday concerns for a while. Feel free to share this and all future installments with your friends.

Mari Bushman epitomizes the free willed spirit of Montana. She started out as a singer/songwriter until a terrible accident caused her to change her career path and become an author. Tired of having her work rejected by major publishing companies, she started her own publishing company in rural Montana near the Sun River where she could satisfy her passion for writing fantasy novels, raising a daughter, and riding horses.

Other authors were attracted to her no nonsense frontier approach to publishing and she soon had her own publishing company promoting not only her novels, but those of a chosen few she had selected because of the quality and uniqueness of their offerings.

Personally editing every novel she accepts for publication, Mari Bushman evidences an adherence to the strict principals of writing that she holds so dear. Many an author has shuddered when they hear Mari with her editor’s hat on tell them, “You have to get rid of your little darlings. It doesn’t work.”

Mari is dedicated to bringing readers a choice of quality authors and their writing, which they might never have otherwise been exposed to. She is in effect creating her own market place, where hitherto unknown authors can enjoy the type of care and nurturing they could only have dreamed of, and where the only criteria is the value and creativity of their work.

Mari has even gone so far as to start her own book distribution business where authors can post their books for a dollar a year and ten cents a copy on the honor system to counter the huge fees and discounts that the major book distribution companies take. Her new entry is called 45 Caliber books and reflects her reputation for shooting straight from the heart when she talks about her love for publishing, writing, her authors and the publishing company she has formed called Jigsaw Publishing.

Mari herself is no slouch when it comes to writing fantasy novels such as Miracle and The Implausible Hero both of which can be previewed at her publishing company’s website at To read her free installments of Tornado Talon go to

Contact Information:

Mari L. Bushman
Jigsaw Press
784 US Hwy 89
Sun River, MT 59487

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