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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What The New Health Care Plan Means To You

Young people may be forced into taking health insurance they do not want, old people may lose their benefits and their choice of doctors, and over one hundred million people may be forced out of the private insurance plans they presently enjoy and into a government sponsored health care plan offering lower benefits and coverage and long waiting periods for operations and rationing of medical services based on government decisions.

Is this what you want?

Costs will continue to spiral upwards and out of control as the federal deficit grows dynamically as a result of health care demands forcing us to borrow more and more and eventually raising interest rates and inflation as we as a nation struggle to service the debt.

Is this what you want?

As a nation we will pay for the health care of about twenty million illegal immigrants and their families while saddling our children and grand children with a debt they will be forced to try and repay.

Is this what you want?

A national health care system may make health care decisions including who may live and die for you and yours detailing what medical services you should and shouldn’t be entitled to receive for how long and when life sustaining drugs should be cut off because they are not cost effective and you are going to die anyway.

Is this what you want?

The health care bills now pending in congress details some of these things – check pages 425 – 430 of the current soon to be revised house version of the bill for examples of what I’m talking about.

Now the current administration is trying to rush the bill through congress by August without giving the congressmen and senators the time to read through what will probably be more than one thousand pages.

The current version in the senate says that senators can keep their own top of the line health insurance policies and don’t have to be a party to what the rest of the nation will be forced to take.

Is this what you want?

I say we should vote out of office any member of the house of representatives or senate who cannot prove that they read every page of whatever plan is finally proposed before they vote and any congressman who doesn’t agree to be subject to the same plan and terms and conditions that the rest of us are going to be forced to accept.

What ever happened to freedom in this country? What ever happened to the government representing us rather than telling us what we have to do?

If this is the politics of tomorrow, I want back to the past. This is not the kind of change most of us signed on to. What about you? What about your future, your freedom, your childrens freedom? Don’t give away the rights your forefathers fought so hard to preserve. What kind of a future will that leave you and them with – a future where your opinion doesn’t count – a future where you have no rights?

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