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Monday, July 27, 2009

Where Oh Where Did My Health Insurance Plan Go?

Somewhere in the health care proposals circulating in congress I think I lost my health care insurance plan. Where did it go?

Was it sacrificed so I can be forced into a new national health care option that is more of a mandate than an option? I don’t like people telling me You Will or You Have To, do you?

Was it sacrificed so that as a nation we could afford to cover 10 million plus illegal aliens and probably millions more to come as a result?

Did it join the ranks of the elderly and sick as obsolete and unnecessary under the slash Medicare benefits now being considered in congress?

Did my health care plan become a sacrificial lamb to some government cost overrun, budget misestimate, or new tax on the middle class through additional pass through payroll taxes, beverage taxes, or an additional tax on small businesses?

Doesn’t really matter to me how or why I’m about to lose my freedom of choice. What’s important to me is that with all the talk going around by the administration and congress about all the wonderful benefits of their proposed health care reform, the bottom line is I’m going to lose my benefits and probably my doctor. Medicare is going to be decimated switching benefits from the elderly to the poor and uninsured. Millions of people – maybe up to 83 million people are going to be switched against their will to a new government health care plan with less coverage than they have today. A government committee is going to end up deciding who lives and who dies and who gets what operation and what medicine if any and when.

The government is going to end up running my life and yours. The congress will slip the necessary provisions into the final bill that will complete the takeover by government of our lives. Senators won’t have time to read before they vote – strong-armed on party lines into passing whatever bill is before them.

I don’t want a government computer program telling my doctor by electronically delivered guidelines what kind of treatment he can or can’t give me, as is currently contemplated under the government health care plans. I don’t want medical care denied because a patient is old, sick with Parkinson’s disease, or Cancer and is going to die anyway. Who gave the administration or congress the right to decide who lives and who dies? Where is that provision in the constitution?

The bottom line is that the America of freedom of choice that I know and love is going to cease to exist under the health care proposals currently under consideration in congress.


Let’s not give away our freedom so easily. Let’s not give away that which our forefathers fought for – our liberty – our freedom to choose our own destiny. Let’s not let big government take over how we think, what we buy, and when we have the right to make our own decision on what kind of medical treatment we get.

What congress hasn’t taken into account is that Americans won’t take this deceitful treatment and loss of freedom lying down. We will vote out of office those that dictate to us what we should do. We want the freedom to decide what we should do. We want to be in charge of our own destiny. We want to tell congress what to do, not have congress treat us like a bunch of unruly children.

We the people may be a little slow to get the message sometimes, but when we grasp the idea that we are being taken advantage of, or treated with less respect then we are due, or that our freedom of choice is being challenged – watch out. Knowing how to defend our own freedom is something genetically instilled in us by our forefathers.

Don’t underestimate the ability of the American citizen to make his or her own decisions including health care decisions.

We don’t want health care rationing, long lines, diminished services, reduced hospital facilities, additional tax burdens, or debts that our children and grandchildren will have to pay.

Let congress sign a pact to take the exact same insurance we are going to end up getting. Not something supposedly similar. The same exact plan. Then we will end up with a health care reform plan we can live with if this can be done in a cost effective manner, which I doubt that it can.

The President has said he personally has a very good insurance plan. Where is ours? Don’t tell us we have options when they are systematically taken away from us, one by one under the reform bills for health care currently circulating in congress. Don’t tell us you’re acting in our best interests when you are taking away our rights.

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