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Friday, October 30, 2009

Excerpt From Johnny Oops - CHAPTER 20 – SHARING

I watched her from the patio of our glass door poolside apartment in Tory Pines, California not far from the USCD campus as Jody, standing on her toes on a small step stool, cleaned the top of the Venetian blinds. She was wearing a bathing suit top and a pair of pink panties.

I’d finished school early because a professor cancelled my class and I decided to go back to Jody and surprise her. I couldn’t get my mind off her. I stood there watching her clean, imagining the smell of her, her warmth when I hold her, and how she presses up against me with no reserve. I couldn’t take this for long. I was getting too excited.

I quietly slid the patio door open. Entered the living room and said, “Surprise, I’m home.”

She was startled and said, “Lover boy, what are you doing home?”

Pouncing on her, I picked her up from the stool she was on, gently lowered her to the ground for a kiss and said, “My class was canceled. The old professor got the virus that’s going around. I went for coffee and started thinking about you so I cut my afternoon class and came home. Wish you would stop calling me lover boy, honey. I hate that.”

“Let me go, lover boy. I will try. Want to go for a swim?”

“How about a swim in the shower honey?” I cuddled her and started nibbling on her ear. The pure animal scent of her neck was enough to arouse me. She playfully pushed me away.

“Why Johnny Oops, whatever am I going to do with you, you sexed up maniac?”

I was not about to be that easily put off and grabbed her around her waist, pinning her arms to the side and smothered her with kisses. I barely managed to say, “You want to fool around?”

“Yes I do, lover boy. I certainly do.” This time she didn’t pull away. She started to undress me, and now it was she who was nibbling, and not on my ear.

“Do you think it can be this way forever darling? ” I said. By this time we were both in heat and rolling around on the floor of the living room.

“I think so. You know I usually get what I want, Johnny.”

“You are everything to me, Jody. I want to share my whole life with you,” I said as passion took over and I entered her face to face with Jody sprawled out on the leopard print area rug beneath us, grabbing me by my hair, pulling me closer and urging me on.

“Honey, thanks for not calling me, lover boy again,” I mumbled as I gave in to the moment, and exploded, giving way to a grunt of relief.

We stayed locked in each others arms for a few minutes and then Jody sighed and said, “You are my lover boy. You always will be. How about that swim now? You’ve gotten me all hot and sweaty.”

“I’m ready for a swim. I’m ready for anything with you, Jody.”

Life can’t get any better than this. Jody is everything I ever dreamed of in a woman. I don’t want to be with anyone else. This is the only reality I crave. I’m blessed. This is as good as love gets. This is my future. God, I hope things don’t change. I want this to go on forever.

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