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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Haves And The Have Nots And The Don’t Haves

The current thinking by the Administration and the Democrats in Congress is that it’s time to take money from the people that have an abundance of it and give it to those in need, who are therefore by definition considered poor.

The problems with this is that the Rich and not so rich, want to keep what they have worked for and don’t want to give any part of it to people who may or may not have worked at all, as opposed to living on the public dole. The poor – by definition those who don’t have a gold pot to relieve themselves in – want what all the Rich and almost rich folk (Middle class) have. They want material wealth.

It may be that these two groups will be on opposite sides of the question of capitalism verses socialism or much worse for eternity if we enact any more social welfare legislation. It is almost inevitable that our children will have to pay the bill for the debts we are now creating in the name of social justice, fairness, redistribution of the fruits of your labor to the masses, and the policy of giving more to those of us who have less.

What ever happened to incentives and hard work, and entrepreneurship? What ever happened to the freedom to pursue your dream? What ever happened to the free enterprise system? Will your children have the right to try and become successful on their own as you did?

The irony of all this is that it may well be the children of the Have Nots that will have to pay our National Debt assuming that their parents are successful in getting the bulk of the wealth away from the wealthy and willing. This thought will probably have me laughing in my grave, although I’m not sure which camp or group my grandchildren will fall under of Haves or Have Nots in this game of financial redistribution of the National Wealth.

The big question I guess I have is who is going to want to build a business, hire employees, and try and make a profit, if the government is going to take what you make and give it to those that don’t have it, won’t work for it, can’t create new inventions, and don’t have sufficient incentives to make money? We better find out how this works in Sweden and France because this is the direction we are heading in. Maybe under socialism you don’t need to work. Maybe the government supports everyone, but if this is so, where do they get the profits to tax to pay out to the rest of us – the Don’t Haves.

Where is the social justice in all of this?

What is the sense of having clean air when you can’t breathe free?

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