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Saturday, April 3, 2010

We Are Becoming A Nation Of Skinny Zombies

The government knows best. It is now telling us what to eat, when to work, how to get healthy, what drinks we can take to cure our thirst, how much we should weigh and on and on and on. New Czars, new committees, new councils, new regulations: the government is going to tell us how to live, what to do and when. We are becoming a nation of skinny Zombies walking through life at a shuffling pace as we leave it to the government to do the thinking for us.


No more junk food, no more addictive drugs, no more smoking, no more drinking: what is there left for us to do? Are they going to ration the number of children we have next so we can afford the social entitlements like government sponsored healthcare that we are being forced to accept against our will.

The government’s new motto is TAX, Tax, Tax, and Trust Us you don’t know how to manage your life, Big Brother knows best. Big Brother knows how to redistribute our wealth. What happens when they decide it’s your wealth that needs redistributing next?


What happened to our rights? I think us citizens need an Amnesty type program like the illegal immigrants are going to be offered so that we may be allowed to think for ourselves once again.

Who legislated away our right to think and breath free? Whose greater good are we working for: the people that administer the government? I want out of this nightmare of legislative frenzy and administrative over think.

I want my vote and my opinion and yours to count again. Even the people that are fine with what the government is doing are going to wake up one day and wonder why their children don’t have any rights to their own destiny, and what happened to their freedom, but it may be to late.


When are we going to come to our senses as a Nation and fight back at the ballot box? When are we going to decide to elect Congress men and women who represent us not a misguided political elite? When are we going to return to the principals our founding fathers inculcated in the constitution to protect our individual rights?

When are we going to come together as a free people and say No More? No more government control. No more government taking away our freedoms. No more government telling us what is best for us. No more having our wishes disregarded by our Congress and the Administration.

Enough is enough.

It is time to start Helping ourselves.

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