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Monday, July 19, 2010

Who Says Poor People Don’t Want To Be Free?

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately that when illegal immigrants get amnesty and then citizenship they will automatically vote for the party that got them legal.

I don’t buy that. Most of the immigrants that come to this country are escaping dictatorships or so called democracies that are masquerading for an elite controlling element, group, party, or dictator in disguise. They are running away from the lack of opportunity that such governing bodies present. They are running away from governments that are telling them what to do, what to eat, how to take care of themselves, and what to think,

They are coming to America to be free. Can we answer their dreams and give hope to their desires? Is America still the land of the free, or are we sliding into socialism and chaos just as Europe is reversing its trend towards socialism having learned their lesson? Are we pinching and squeezing our free enterprise system with new taxes and regulation to the point of strangling it?

What happened to the pioneering spirit in this wonderful Country of ours that our forefathers fought for and inculcated in a constitution that has served us well for hundreds of years? Are we losing our way in a frenzy to redistribute wealth to those less fortunate than ourselves? Are we going to become a third world country where everyone is poor except for the governing elite and what we are redistributing is a one way ticket to perennial universal poverty?

Maybe countries like Brazil and even China in their own ways are becoming more capitalist societies than we are. What a shame to squander our heritage and deny our birthright. When will we ever learn? Is it too late?

I don’t think so. I have a lot of faith that the poor people, and the immigrants in this Country and the middle class know what they are doing. I think they want their own chance to build their own businesses and to become independently wealthy. I think they don’t want any political party telling what to do and how to live their lives. I think they want to be free, and to have a chance to build their own lives and their own businesses.

Whose choice is it anyway? Is it ours – the people, or a political elite that think they know better and think they know what’s good for us?

Are the powers that be not listening to us or have we lost our voice?

What’s good for us is the right to be free, and to make our own choices about how we want to live without anyone legislating how we are supposed to do what.

Let’s not give up our freedom in return for some government sponsored benefit like health care. Let’s retain our independence and our God given right to breathe free. Let’s not become a nation of people who are permanently living on unemployment benefits and food stamps. Let’s get our private enterprise system going again. Please pass the incentives and hold off on the controlling, stifling regulations and taxation that are squeezing our middle class businesses into a hiring freeze out of fear of what regulation or tax will come next.

You don’t need some politician telling you what to do. You can figure this out for yourself. You can still make your own decision and your own choice. You can still choose to be free.

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