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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are You Part Of A New Reality?

Has your life changed recently? Do you find new meaning in what you do? Have you experienced real change? Is this the kind of change that leaves you trembling with anticipation that your life is changing for the better? Are you prepared to meet the new you? Maybe this is all part of your new reality. Maybe you are ready to experience real change. You can do it.

Is your new age reality of your own making, or is somebody manipulating what is happening to you. Maybe some supernatural Game Master is pulling your strings. Maybe God is dictating the change. Maybe they are one and the same. How will you ever know the truth? I guess it’s a matter of conviction and faith. You have to believe in a Supreme Being to guide you as you change to a new reality. You have to have faith.

Are you happy now? Do you feel things more strongly? Have you found new purpose to your life? Maybe your new reality was always there, but you didn’t recognize the possibilities. Perhaps you weren’t looking for the beauty all around you. Maybe your eyes were closed to the infinite possibility of real change that could bring you a new and better reality. Maybe this whole new world was always available to you if you just had more faith and opened your eyes to the potential you have to make something wonderful happen.

It’s here now. Take advantage of it. Rejoice in the potential you have to be a better person and do things that will make you and the ones you love celebrate your new beginning. It’s your choice. You can make it happen. Open your eyes. Relish the moment. Find inspiration in your newfound reality. Find your self.

If you sit around and do nothing you won’t experience the glory of a new start. You won’t be able to change your life for the better. Take action. Do something worthwhile with your life. Find a better way. Charge in to the future with a true sense of optimism. Use your imagination. Let God guide your hand. Enter your new reality with the wisdom and confidence of someone embarking on a new adventure. Have some fun. Your new reality is all around you. Go for it.

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