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Friday, October 15, 2010

Dazzling Droplets Of Divinity Spewed Forth

Johnny couldn’t believe what was happening. Right in front of his eyes as if by magic, his mouth was spewing forth droplets of the finest hyperbole ever heard. Sounded like the words of God.

It was hard to believe the message that Johnny was delivering was from the Almighty himself, but this is what Johnny maintained as he spoke to a large gathering of the hopeful.

These were people who were hurting and were sinners. They were in need of redemption and salvation, and that’s exactly what Johnny was promising. You could see the eyes of those in the audience widen in wonderment as the fiction of the possible became self-evident and real in their eyes.

Johnny himself was a fiction, a character in a fantasy novel about alternate realities, Quantum forces at work, and the sacrifices and the glories of those who were willing to reach out and touch each other in a spirit of kindness and caring. This was a congress of the willing. And Johnny carried on, believing in the inevitable goodness of our common Lord and his own ability to deliver His message.

One has to wonder whether this Johnny character is indeed a prophet delivering the work of God or a charlatan who doesn’t even know if he is real Is he taking advantage of an adoring and needy congregation of sinners, or showing them a pathway for deliverance from their sins? How did his own religion, Dialectic Spiritualism with its reliance on touching other people in their private essentials play a part? Was any of this real?

Johnny felt a slight shudder as the car he was driving skidded through a paper thin sky high sheet of glass, and a delightful little fellow called Inney appeared as if by magic on the passenger seat next to him. Inney was only one foot tall, an Albino with pink eyes, dressed in a Boy Scout uniform who said he was Johnny’s inner self.

Johnny took one look at him and asked him if he was in his novel too. Inney replied, “Read the book Johnny Oops and you’ll find out.”

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