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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Your Version Of Reality – Is it a dream?

Are you ready for something unique, something with an edge to it, something that questions your version of reality? Johnny Oops doesn’t know if he’s a charlatan, a prophet, or even if he’s real, but he believes he’s delivering the word of God. As he crosses the country from coast to coast, it’s hard to decide if he’s more intent on spreading a message of caring and kindness, or in the personal dalliances he has with various women. Decide for yourself if the Dialectic Spiritualism religion he proposes, which promotes touching others in their private essentials, is a philosophical concept, or an excuse for his unending escapades.

In my novel, Johnny Oops, the surprises come non-stop. Walk with Johnny as he lives with the raging aggressive genes of a genius, spawns a seven-foot tall giant of a son, two precocious telepathic twin daughters named Precious and Pretty and a one-foot tall inner self named Inny. Join him as he races from one reality to another. Discover whether Johnny really is a prophet who can offer salvation and redemption or a phony who pretends he has experienced various rebirths and second comings.

Only 99 cents on Kindle. Just click on Johnny Oops under his picture.

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