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Monday, January 10, 2011


Some days I think my nose is too big for my face. Others I think it’s too small because nobody is noticing me, or what I do.

Most of the time I guess it really is too big because I have a bad habit of sticking it into other people’s business. How about you? Are you budding into other people’ business without being asked? Are you too nosey?

I can’t help it. I care about other people and want to know how they are doing what to who. How about you?

Not too long ago a good friend of mine told me what she thought my problem was. She said my nose was too sexy for my face, and was causing quite a stir with the people whose business I was minding even though it was probably none of my business. How could that be? I’m walking around with the same nose God gave me. I know that can’t be said about everybody, no insult intended. See what I mean. I can’t seem to mind my own business. Why others find this sexy is beyond me.

I do admit that sometimes in the dead of winter when the snow is coming down heavy as I press my nose against the window pain straining to see the lights of my loves car coming over the hill, I do feel sexy, but that might just be the brandy I’m sniffing as I wait impatiently for her to arrive.

I admit I find it hard to keep my nose in my own business. It’s just a bad habit of mine I suppose. A few days ago I was sitting in a coffee shop ruminating on my sexy nose and counting other coffee lovers noses to compare with how sexy my own was when I noticed an old lady sitting in the corner talking in a loud voice on her cell phone. Then I noticed to my dismay that this poor ragged looking old lady with the ratty looking fur collar on her coat and the holes in her black knit gloves didn’t have a cell phone. How sad. How sad that some people are so lonely that they end up talking out loud to themselves. How sad that someone as nosey as me was the only one that noticed.

That’s what’s wrong with the world I think. We are so busy sticking our noses into other peoples business to find out something sensational that we forget how boring and lonely other people’s lives can be. There’s nothing sexy about that is there?

I think it’s time to rub a few sexy noses together and give thanks for the great life we have instead of sticking our noses into other people’s business where they don’t belong.

I think it’s time to have an orgy of good intentions. What’s that I smell? Is that the distinct aroma of happiness I sense wafting through the house. Stop that please. I’m getting too excited. The scent of love must be in the air. Can’t you smell it?

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