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Sunday, December 11, 2011

If The Rich Were The Underdogs - Excerpt Johnny Oops

Jody, Jason, and I wandered over to the Empire State Building. We wanted to go up to the observation tower to view the City from above. Security was tight. The observation tower was temporarily closed. We looked at this beautiful building with awe, and yet something was missing. Why is it that man can erect such magnificent edifices, but cannot sustain the peace of mind to enjoy them.

An old beggar in throwaway clothes and shoes that were too big had been listening to me mutter these words half out loud. He was in rags, had poor vision, but keen hearing. 

He tapped me on the arm with his cane and said, “It’s because humans act without thinking about the consequences. They destroy things of beauty, and people of value, and then wonder why me when it becomes their turn. They don’t care enough about others to protect their own self-interest. They leave poor people like me to rot in the streets with nary a thought to our suffering. They keep the underprivileged downtrodden and miserable. Why are they so surprised when the have-nots of this world start to rebel? 

 If the rich were the under dogs, what would they say, thank you very much please kick me again? I think not. I think they would rise up in a rage when they became so frustrated with their lives of meaningless poverty that they could not take it any more.” 

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