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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Little Excerp From Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless

“Well I reached my buddy, Inney. He said he spoke to your father and he said he has faith that you can do this. He suggests you get a little more sexually active to lessen the stress. Says this always worked for him. He said whatever form your sexual activities take is okay with him. He says has tried almost everything. He says that in his opinion the Tom, Toms have the right beat. I mean idea—no complications and no long-term commitments except for the egg laying part. Then he said the strangest thing. He said beware of Eric Tom, because he is an artificial intelligence entity and as such doesn’t have the same emotions that we Humans have. He does have cognitive abilities, but it’s not the same as our sense of passion and longing. What do you think he means by that, Johnny?”

“Wow, so much for total transparency. I never thought of that. Somehow the Game Master is involved and I guess God. They were probably trying to create the perfect Human, I mean entity using artificial intelligence, but some where along the way something went amiss, or is this what they want. Is this the counterbalance to Human frailty and weakness? I always thought our shortcomings were our real strength—the things that made us truly different and superior to other animals. No wonder Eric Tom can talk about eliminating our races with such cold calculating lack of empathy. This boggles the mind.”

Ala interrupted to say, “My poor Johnny, I can’t have your mind being boggled at a time like this. You need all your wits about you if you are going to be able to deal with Eric Tom and his non-carbon based artificial intelligence entities if that’s what they are. Just be sure you don’t have sex with him or his wife if he has one. I refuse to sit on any old eggs of artificial intelligence entities for six years. I’m much to busy.”

“Ala, I don’t know where to start or how to answer you. The only one I’m having sex with is you.”

“I know Johnny, that’s part of the problem. Just have faith that you can do this as your father suggested, and try and be a little more like him when it comes to being a sex maniac, but remember I’m listening. Whatever works, that’s my motto.”

“Okay Ala, I’ll do my best.”

“Your best isn’t going to be good enough, Johnny. You’ll have to do better.”

Hi. Arthur Levine here, is your best going to be good enough?

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