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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Russians Are Coming - Excerpt Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless

Now we’re in for it. Looks like the whole Russian army is out to greet up. They don’t look the least bit friendly.

“Johnny, what’s with all the tanks and people in military uniforms?”

“I warned you, this is Russia, Ilo. Don’t expect a warm welcome. They didn’t authorize you to land here.”

“Should we destroy some of their tanks to show them this is the wrong approach to take with us?”

“No, no, Ilo. Let’s try and reason with them first. You don’t want to start a war.”

“We are not the ones threatening our people with tanks, Johnny. I want to get out of this Siberia as soon as possible. Its too cold here.”

“Can you think to them in Russian, Ilo?”

“Of course, Johnny. You can too. Just use your imagination.”

“I’m afraid I don’t have the kind of imagination your people do, Ilo.”

“You do Johnny, you just don’t know how to use all your faculties.”

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