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Monday, January 26, 2009

Johnny’s Virtual Reality World

You are invited to join Johnny’s virtual reality world and help make it something truly wonderful for all of us.

Johnny is the principal character in my novel in progress – Johnny Oops, and even though some people doubt that he is real, he is as real as he can be, and he has a terrific imagination.

How about you? Do you have a terrific imagination? If so please help us by suggesting things that will help make Johnny’s virtual reality world a real success so that it will become your world too; a special playground of the mind just for you.

What would you like to have in your new virtual reality world that you feel is missing in the one we live in now? Don’t worry if it sounds a little weird. This is the place for you to express your true feelings.

Don’t be shy; sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. What would you like to add to this world of the future?

To start us off Johnny has suggested that in Johnny’s World. Everyone is successful, healthy, and wealthy. What would you like to add? Maybe something about the time or place or the kind of people that populate Johnny’s World and what makes them tick? Are they hard working, or do they live just for the pleasure of the moment? How tall are they? Are they heavy or skinny? Do they have families or loved ones? Are they young or old or ageless?

What are the plot and the theme of this virtual reality world (VRW)? What purpose does it serve besides being a forum for you to express yourself?

How many people populate it?

How do you make friends in this VRW?

How do you find someone to love?

What are the customs of the people?

What are their politics?

Do people in this world have faith in God?

Are they free from doubt and fear?

Are they kind and caring?

How do you find answers to your questions in this VRW?

Come on use your imagination. Let’s make Johnny’s World a magical place where everyone’s dreams can come true. You are invited to participate and come up with the rules for Johnny’s Virtual Reality World.

What do you think we should do?

This is going to be the type of world you would want to live in. Please help make it the best place to be. Johnny is counting on your help. Please use your imagination and express yourself.

Please join our group at
Thanks Arthur Levine

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