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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Johnny's First Love

Shortly after my fifteenth birthday the big event finally occurred. Alice and I had gone about as far as we could go in exploring one another’s private parts and titillating each other without actually having sex. Her father had gone to a symposium on Theology in New York City for the weekend where he was to be a guest speaker at an interfaith convention of religious leaders.

My folks had taken a weekend vacation to Atlantic City to visit my Uncle Richard who was ailing. I think his gambling losses had caught up with him.

Alice and I took advantage of our freedom by making plans to spend the weekend together. Alice said the time had come. Who am I to argue with my darling Alice? There is only so much satisfaction you can get in the bathroom when what you really want is more in the nature of an ultimate social interaction with the woman you love.

We did the deed. We joined together. We mixed our essential essences of life. Alice groaned and moaned, pulling me closer and closer to her. At first I didn’t realize this didn’t signify pain, but rather pleasure. I grunted like a tennis ace serving at 129 miles an hour as I thrust forward, murmuring, “I love you; I love you.” We exploded together into a new reality. This was the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my entire life. Alice said our union was the best for her too.

We shared my bed in my bedroom, the room where I had been a child, most of Saturday until our magnificent union propelled me into adulthood. We caressed each other, marveled at how perfect our love was, and did it again and again. Each time was better than the time before. Each time we knew more about each other. Each time I felt more fulfilled. I couldn’t keep my hands off her. I kissed every inch of her body. We said little. There was no need for words to express the passion we both felt.

Afterwards Alice said, “I will cherish this day forever. You are the greatest, Johnny.”

I always knew in my heart that I’d be good in the sack. I said, “I’ll love you forever, Alice.”

Our marathon session only ended because we both got hungry. We went downstairs and raided the refrigerator. Alice cooked and cleaned up. She made us this fantastic omelet with peppers and onions and lots of American cheese. We sat at the kitchen counter, eating and smiling knowingly at each other. Alice is so terrific. Someday she is going to be my wife. She does everything well. For now, passion and love will have to suffice. For now, our union is wonderful. For now we have today, tomorrow isn’t in our next eight-hour plan. The future will have to wait. Besides, life doesn’t get any better than this.

After a while, we learned to pace ourselves. Not that our longings have abated, but no one can live with that kind of intense, raw physical coupling forever without feeling emotionally drained and physically damaged. We were exhausting ourselves. Better to take one’s time and experience the pure slow pleasure of our coupling. We didn’t have to worry, we would always have time for more, or so I thought. I couldn’t conceive of life without Alice. Just couldn’t be. Would never happen. And then my whole life came to a halt.

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