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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Johnny 11 Gets Married

“Johnny, I can’t talk now. I’m on the phone with our local TV station. They are putting me on a conference call with their parent station in NYC. They love the idea of us getting married on TV. Isn’t it wonderful?”

“Ala wait. Don’t do anything, please. I’m flying home. Please wait.”

“Are you taking a plane? Oh I forgot. You can’t fly. I love you. We are going to be married on TV. Isn’t it exciting? This will certainly stop all that nonsense about emasculating Johnworld. No one could possibly want that after they see all my Magenta grandchildren on TV.”

“Oh boy, wish I could fly on my own. Operator, this is an emergency. Get me on the next plane from Washington to Florida. My wife is getting married. I mean to me. We have got to stop this. No I’m not smoking anything, she is. Help. Outy get out here. I need you. Stop hiding.”

“I’ll only come out if I can be on TV. Can I be your best man?"

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