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Monday, March 19, 2012

Johnny Oops Is Duped

Hi everyone, an excerpt from Johnny Oops.

Jody tried to pull me away from Sonja so that she could talk some sense into me, but I cringed at her touch, pulled away from her, and held on to Sonja all the more tightly. That’s when Jody, realizing her attempt to deal with me was hopeless, turned her attention to this infidel Sonja who was about to ruin her darling Institute, and all her plans for the future; to say nothing of the horrible effect he was having on her husband.

When Jody finally managed to get me to come to my senses, She told me what happened. She observed Sonja critically from head to toe as he walked slowly around the garden of the mansion at Rancho Santa Fe with me. It was an otherwise beautiful sunny day and the beds of yellow and red roses that adorned the garden made it seem all the more spectacular, but she wasn’t here to see the beauty of the scene. Who was this tall well-built menace that threatened all her plans and had mesmerized her Johnny? What was the hold this character with the flowing black beard had over her Johnny? How had something like this happened? There was something so familiar about him. These were the questions running through her mind.

After observing his actions for a few minutes it suddenly struck her and she shrieked out in relief. “I know you imposter. You can’t fool me. What the hell do you think you are trying to do to our movement and my Johnny? You are the quack and the charlatan around here. It’s my fault that this is happening.”

Jody was barely able to contain her hysterical laughter. I’m afraid part of it was directed at me. In spite of the beard and the funny sounding name she now knew exactly who he was. Sonja was really her old lover Jason Friehling, with his last name spelled backwards, masquerading as a Russian mystic.

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