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Monday, November 5, 2007

Can You Remember Your Promise?

Sometimes the daily trials of life makes remembering how talented and worthwhile we really are very difficult, but we have to try and remember our promise. We have to try and remember that which is wonderful and unique about each and every one of us. We have to try and remember the unique gifts God has given us that make us unique.

Do not concentrate on your failures or frailties. Concentrate on the miracle of life that God has blessed you with. Concentrate on the possible – your promise – that which makes you a unique and wonderful person with special talents and the ability to do good. You can make a contribution to society. You have the ability to do so. You have promise.

Your promise is a special gift from God. It is always with you. It may be hidden deep down within you as you struggle to deal with the trials and problems of daily life, but never doubt that you possess this special promise.

You may well ask what your special promise is, but the truth is that you know. You know you have the power to help other people, to protect your loved one, and to benefit society. Sometimes it is not so clear cut how you can achieve these things. That’s what you have to struggle to do. You have to work hard to understand yourself and the good that you are capable of doing. You have to try to fulfill your promise. You have to find your own way of helping to improve our society.

You have to try and understand that you are special, and do your best to fulfill your promise. You have to try and fulfill your destiny. You have to try and be all that you can be.

Don’t let past failures keep you from fulfilling your promise. Don’t let illness or weakness of spirit keep you from achieving your goals. Have faith that God has given you the ability to overcome the obstacles that keep us from fulfilling our promise. Don’t let greed, selfishness or fear get in your way.

It’s all right to be afraid some of the time. It’s all right to feel insecure or threatened by terrorism, but don’t let any of these feelings get in your way of fulfilling your promise. It’s all right to feel bad when your personal relationships aren’t going your way, but don’t let any of that emotional distress keep you from fulfilling your promise.

If you want to be a complete person, if you want to be all that God intended you to be, you can’t let anything stand in your way. You have to fulfill your promise.

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