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Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Five Star Review of Johnny Oops

Just received a wonderful five star review from Michael Phelps

This review is from: Johnny Oops: Charlatan, Sex Manic or Prophet, is Johnny Real

I purchased JOHNNY OOPS (Kindle Edition) by ARTHUR LEVINE and once I started reading, I honestly could not take my eyes off the screen! I wanted to find out WHO and WHAT JOHNNY OOPS is (was). ARTHUR LEVINE has created JOHNNY OOPS who springs to life in the author's very descriptive words, with cinematic scenes and supporting cast of characters that the reader just feels like he/she KNOWS them. Many, many twists and turns that will have you laughing, and being held in suspense until you turn the page. I loved this book and hope Mr. Levine continues JOHNNY OOPS' travels across this vast land. JOHNNY OOPS deserves FIVE STARS and I highly recommend it.

Michael Phelps
David Janssen - My Fugitive
The Execution of Justice
THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE ("The Mike Walsh Detective Novels".)

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