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Friday, March 4, 2011

Review of Johnny Oops

Just received an excellent four star review of my novel Johnny Oops.

Oops's greatest strength is writer Arthur Levine's obvious talent for rich, realistic dialog and deep characterization. The title character, Oops, defines 'multi-faceted', putting even the most schizophrenic cultural icons (such as Sybil) to shame with his near-infinite depth of shifting hi's and lo's, angst and arrogance. Levine also props up Oops with an equally strong supporting cast of colorful family, friends, and a few genuine enemies. Dr. O'Hara stands out as Oops's longtime psychiatrist (one of the few who frequently and bluntly gives his answer to the title question of what Johnny is). And Oops's battles to legitimize his Dialectic Spiritualism society are biting, hilarious socio-political commentary.

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