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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Johnny Oops Excerpt - Second Coming

CNT said in Spanish with English translation running across the bottom of the screen, “Natives in the rain forest have observed a big plane with the designation DKS fall to the ground, and then mysteriously rise into the sky, and fly off to Heaven as it disappeared from sight. This must be God’s will. The Almighty is evidently taking his Messenger and the Messenger’s family home.”

My guess is that the natives observing from the far side of the mountain had seen the plane hit and then bounce up from the mountaintop as the pilot gunned his engines trying desperately to avoid the treetops, but they weren’t in a position to see the plane fall and crash as its wings were clipped off by collision with the mountaintop as it ploughed through the trees. They assumed the large plume of smoke coming from the crash site was a sign from God. They kept chanting in Spanish, “God’s will, God’s will.”

At first I was furious. No one was going to search for us. As far as everyone was concerned we were on our way to Heaven and the plane’s black boxes were probably at the bottom of a nearby deep lake. Then I started to laugh hysterically. I couldn’t help myself. I turned to the small group around me, which was huddled in fear that I was losing my mind again and said, “Now I’m immortal. These idiots are leaving me to die. But don’t worry, if we ever get out of this you’re going to see a Second Coming the likes of which you won’t believe.” That idea made no one happy except me. I was the only one laughing. I wonder why my family didn’t want to participate, and take the occasion for a little bout of mass hysteria?

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