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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Beach

For a fun holiday read - Sequin Boy and Cindy

We do so many exciting things together. We go to the beach at Long Beach, Long Island taking the train directly there. I have never been to the beach before. Cindy buys me a black bathing suit that comes down to my knees. She wears this little bikini type pink bathing suit. What a figure. All the guys are staring. I don’t know whether that makes me happy or jealous. I guess both. I find myself protectively putting my hands around her shoulders. Can’t let any of these other guys get the idea she’s available.

I don’t know how to swim. There was never any one around to teach me. I will go into the water knee-deep holding Cindy’s hand like a little kid, and when the waves rush in I run out of the pale green water squealing as I pull Cindy along with me. I didn’t know how great the summer could be. I love the beach.

I ask Cindy, “Can we come back next weekend?” I kept sifting the golden strands of sand through my fingers in disbelief at their sparkling fine-grained beauty. There is so much I know nothing about and so much I’ve missed.  Where have I been all my life?

She kisses me gently on the cheek and says, “We can do anything you want, Lover Boy.” No one ever called me that before.

I say, “Guess what I want to do next, Cindy?”

Cindy giggles. “We can’t, Billy, people will see.”

I shake my head no. “We can do it under the blanket.”

“We’ll get full of sand, Billy.” I notice she is looking around for a private place.
“I don’t care, Cindy. I want to make love to you now. You said I could do anything I want.”

“Okay Billy, let’s go under the Boardwalk. You are getting me hot just thinking about making love. Tell me this will never change.”

“I promise, I promise. God you are so wonderful, Cindy. I’m so happy.” There’s a certain look that Cindy gets on her face when we are about to share the moment that I can’t describe. Ecstasy? I wish I was a painter.

We stay on the beach until the sun goes down. Then we stop for pizza at some stand on the boardwalk. The pizza is greasy, very cheesy and loaded with tomato sauce. We sprinkle the pizza with pepper flakes, garlic powder and oregano, making an aromatic treat that tastes great. We each have two slices, which we wash down with super sized cokes. Finally we take the Long Island Railroad home. I hold Cindy’s hand all the way. In spite of all the soda, my thirst for Cindy is insatiable. I can’t get enough of her.

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