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Friday, June 15, 2012

Mabels Cat Heaven - Excerpt Sequin Boy and Cindy

Mabel’s Cat Heaven excerpt from Sequin Boy and Cindy. We love cats and dogs and people.

I say, “And what state agency are you licensed by Mabel to run a home for wayward cats?” That’s when the fun begins.

Mabel frowns and says, “What state agency? I don’t need any license to love my cats.” At which point several members of the TV audience start to applaud and then the whole audience joins in.

I sense I have a cause in the making and say, “I think you’re right Mabel. Government is interfering too much in the good works of well meaning people such as you. It’s time we get government out of our lives. It’s time we get our independence back. It’s time we are allowed to care about other people and cats and dogs without interference from any government agency telling us what to do. What can these government agencies tell us about being kind to animals?”

The TV audience erupts in applause. The producer of the TV show is waving his hands no, no, frantically from the control booth, but I don’t recognize him. That’s when he cuts to an unscheduled advertisement trying to calm me down and stall the head of steam I’m building. I’m getting mad.

I resume saying, “Let’s get big government out of our lives. Let’s take back control of our own destinies. Let’s be kind to cats and dogs. When you see a lonely stray animal please try and take them into your home and care for them. Bring them to the ASPCA for their shots and to be sure they are all right, but don’t leave them there. We know what happens to animals that are left there too long.

 Mabel says, “You can bring them to me if you can’t care for them.”

I say, “You can’t care for all the cats that might be brought to you.”

Mabel says, ‘I guess you’re right. I need help. That’s why I’m here. If you could see the look in these poor abandoned cats eyes’ you would want to help.”

I say, “Everyone can send their donations to Mabel’s Cat Heaven care of our TV station’s administrative office at PO Box 22, New ERA, NN 68243-A97.”

The TV Producer looks like he is going to have a heart attack. He grabs me after the show is over and says, “Billy we are not a charitable institution.”

I smile innocently at him and say, “We should be.”

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