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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Standing Ovation

5.0 out of 5 stars A Standing Ovation, July 4, 2012
James A. Anderson "Author" (London, Ontario Canada) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Sequin Boy and Cindy (Kindle Edition)
It is not often I'm left at a loss for words, but Arthur Levine's SEQUIN BOY AND CINDY did just that.

I have to dig deep to find the appropriate words to describe this wonderful romance novel. I haven't been moved so much by a romance novel since Erich Segal's LOVE STORY many years ago. SEQUIN BOY is funny, touching and infused with wonder, as all love stories should be.

This is the wonderful, tumultuous, heartfelt story of Billy Wolk, a half Lakota Native American and Cindy. Two young people from abused backgrounds who find each other and true eternal love. This is a magnificent novel that will grab you, hold you and stay with you forever, long after you turn the final page.

It will make you fall in love with love again. A sweeping story that takes you through their lives, their triumphs, their setbacks, their attempts to pay it forward and help others. Oh that we had politicians like Billy who becomes Mayor of New York City!

SEQUIN BOY AND CINDY is an experience. The reader who responds to this little book will feel less like a reader than one of Levine's characters, living it all out from the inside..In this 'love story' you are not just an observer.

This novel is spiritual on so many levels and a daring departure for Mr. Levine, author of the Johnny Oops novels, very different kind of books.

If a book deserves a standing ovation, this is it!


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