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Monday, July 16, 2012

Are You Sure - Johnny Oops

I just finished reading In One Person by John Irving. I was induced into reading it by someone who thought I write like him, I don’t.

It was as to be expected well written by such a famous author, but that’s not what stuck with me.

I have always assumed that the main character in my novel Johnny Oops had nothing to do with me, but reading Irving I discovered that Johnny really did. No, I’ve never done the things that Johnny does, but evidently I thought about doing them or I couldn’t have written the book.

I guess there is a little part of Johnny in me, and maybe his or her counterpart in you. That’s what Irving does so well in my opinion, he brings out the possible in all of us readers. We may not like what we learn about ourselves, but yes, it has an all too familiar ring to it. We may not like some of the stereotyping—that can’t possibly be me, but in some vague and yet familiar way there are parts of the story that remind us of ourselves.

 I like you reserve the right to say, “Oh no, that’s not me. Are you sure that maybe even a little bit isn’t in your mind waiting to be revealed.

After reading In One Person I sure am glad that my alter ego is Johnny and not John Irving’s principal character, but how can one be absolutely sure.

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