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Monday, July 23, 2012

Boom - Sequin Boy And Cindy

For Immediate Release


New York, NY – Two young people from abused backgrounds fall in love, join the Army together, are separated and then their whole world goes boom—up in smoke. The smell of burnt flesh, tires burning and the stink of blood and sweat is everywhere when an IED explodes as the two young lovers are desperately trying to reunite in the middle of a battlefield.

Saved by a miracle and Army surgeons, Billy and Cindy return home as disabled war heroes to the enthusiastic support of their local community. The whole Nation falls in love with their earnestness and desire to make a place for themselves in the aftermath of war.

They go on TV, receive a TV station sponsored Wedding and honeymoon, and go on to college together partially paid for by the Army and the rest by the University they attend.

In spite of their handicaps Cindy becomes a one-handed registered nurse and Billy the first one-legged part Lakota Indian Mayor of NYC. They have twins—a boy and a girl and go on to raise a great family.  They usher in an era of kindness and caring into the Big City, but life for our eternal love bugs is not without adversity and the almost constant ramifications of the wounds and trauma they have endured in the service of our Country.

They never forget their love for one another and their desire never to be separated and alone again. As Billy says, “God you are so wonderful, Cindy. I’m so happy. There’s a certain look that Cindy gets on her face when we are about to share the moment that I can’t describe. Ecstasy? I wish I were a painter.”

Throughout their lives together, God, A raging White Buffalo and Billy’s spirit ancestors protect them in this paranormal romance love story for the ages.

James A. Anderson the author of Deadline and The Scorpion says in his five star review,

 “It is not often I'm left at a loss for words, but Arthur Levine's SEQUIN BOY AND CINDY did just that.

I have to dig deep to find the appropriate words to describe this wonderful romance novel. I haven't been moved so much by a romance novel since Erich Segal's LOVE STORY many years ago. SEQUIN BOY is funny, touching and infused with wonder, as all love stories should be.”

Sequin Boy and Cindy is available on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.

Arthur Levine
Sequin Boy and Cindy

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