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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Excerpt - Sequin Boy And Cindy


Months fly by and we are so happy. I race home every day after work to be with Cindy. We must call each other at least ten times a day. We are in love, and every moment together is an exploration of how wonderful life can be. We are growing up together, that’s how I think of our love, and I believe my darling Cindy feels the same way. I look forward to the warm embrace I get when I come home.
I’m constantly planning little surprises to make Cindy happy. I never had any one to care about before. One day I will bring her flowers. Another day a new blouse I buy off the rack from a corner peddler. I think I have terrible taste, I love vertical stripes and the color purple is my favorite, but Cindy never says anything. I guess she just appreciates that I’m thinking of her. Took me two months of yellow daisies to find out she doesn’t like daises and doesn’t like yellow. It’s a good thing I’m a writer and not a graphic designer.

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