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Friday, August 10, 2012

Love Story For The Ages

 Sequin Boy and Cindy is a love story for the ages. Now available in print on Amazon.

Five star review.

A Moving, Ambitious Tour de Force August 3, 2012
By Peter M. Leschner
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

Sequin Boy and Cindy is an ambitious, sweeping tour de force by Arthur Levine, which examines the "circle of life". It is a touching story revolving around Billy and Cindy, penniless, lost souls who meet while young and naïve, fall in love, overcome adversity, have a family, find success and live the American dream, ultimately giving back to others less fortunate. While describing their journey, the author tackles (often with a dose of humor) subjects ranging from support for returning war veterans, living and dealing with disfiguring war injuries, politics, street gangs, education, the power of the media, raising children, balancing work and family to most importantly, true love, which holds the two together through all their difficulties, defeats and triumphs, even in the face of death. Like life itself, the story quickly moves from one chapter to another painting a rich picture of life's challenges and rewards in the process. Sequin Boy and Cindy is an interesting, provocative and moving read,

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