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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm Johnny Oops

Hi, I'm Johnny Opps and I'm a genius. Some people think I'm a Guru or Prophet and others think I'm a Charlatan. It doesn't matter to me. I know I am a messenger of God and the principal character in a new novel by the name of Johnny Opps of course. That's enough reality for me. The rest is going to be pure fiction.

I am going to do you a favor and share some of my innermost thoughts with you. Some people don't know that fictional characters are capable of deep feelings and heart rendering emotions. Don't worry in my case these deep feelings come naturally.

I am really excited to get started. I will probably be posting some of my thoughts every day. That way you will get to know me personally. Isn't that exciting? You are going to get my words of wisdom, and you know who those messages come from, don't you?

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