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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Johnny Oops – Getting Started

The strangest thing just happened to me. I started out hating girls, and then I thought I loved one. Then I discovered that I liked women in general, but was never really deeply emotionally involved with any of them. Now I have met this tall redhead that makes me freeze up the moment I see her, and get passionate the second I smell her. My urges are so compelling, so arousing; I worry that I can’t keep my hands off her when we are just walking down the street to my local coffee shop. It’s like climaxing before you have sex.

I could tell you that what I really like about her is her mind, not her body, but I am a messenger and my ‘word’ is sacred. I cannot lie. What drives me crazy about her is that I know she is completely and totally mine. She will do anything I want at any time of the day or night. The trouble is I do not know what to ask her for. I am not used to having a woman give me everything I want without asking. The trouble is I have discovered I do not really know what I want.

I am afraid I am going to have to dump my redhead beauty. Cynthia is starting to make me feel less manly and indecisive. I can’t have that. I am a messenger. My ‘words’ are sacred. I am almost divine. I have real promise. I am going to change the future. I can’t let some woman mess up my great thoughts. This is too weird.

Why can’t I be like other men and just settle for sex? Why do I have to have answers and options? Why can’t I be a normal animal? Sometimes this whole prophet bit stinks. I wish I wasn’t a genius. It is taking all the fun out of life. I don’t like being serious. I just want to have fun.

Maybe what I need is a change of scenery. I think I will go visit some of my flock in California. I am a Guru of some renown and have quite a following. That’s what I need, a new place and a new girl to take my mind off what? I don’t really know. I hope we find out tomorrow.

MLMF (More later my friend)

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