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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Touching Private Parts - Excerpt Johnny Oops

Junior threw me off course when he interrupted my thinking. I was talking to him so I decided to take a break and show my work to Jody who said, “I can’t edit this. It’s off the wall. You’re on your own. If I were you I would give serious consideration to staying on the lecture circuit. You come off better when you can use your hands, and I don’t mean to write with.” 

I wasn’t listening to Jody. I was too busy listening to the boy’s choir of greater San Diego perform the Hallelujah Chorus on the radio. I was using the music to put me in the mood to write something truly spiritual. As I got in the mood the title finally came to me. I call this article, “Reach Out and Touch Someone.”
“ I had a dream I was walking in a garden and I came to a big hole in the ground that I couldn’t jump over. Then an angel came to me and said, “Touch my hand.” I did and she lifted me over the hole. I felt lifted up. I felt wonderful. If an angel can reach out and touch my soul, you can reach out and touch someone else in their private parts. It may make you both feel truly wonderful. It may give you the essential meaning of being.”

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