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Monday, May 14, 2012

5 star review of Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless by James A. Anderson.

Five Star Review by James A. Anderson
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A Modern-era GULLIVER'S TRAVELS February 12, 2012
... By James A. Anderson
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Just finished Johnny Oops 11 - Timeless by the highly talented visionary Arthur J. Levine. This sequel to Johnny Oops does not disappoint. A far out, fun read to overcome the winter blues.

Johnny Oops 11 is a rocket scientist who flies a spaceship to a far away planet with his inner self, Outy, and marries a bald Blue lady by the name of Ala who never ceases asking Johnny funny questions. They have a son called Johnworld who is Magenta colored, has Yellow hair and perceives his mission in life to be to propagate different races. They spend most of their lives trying to ward off the prejudice and bigotry that follows people of color.

Discriminated against back on Earth, Johnny Oops 11 sets off once again in another spaceship together with millions of Indolts-Ala's people, and the Magentas of which Johnworld is the first. On their new home of Everworld they meet other races of various colors and stripes called the Fugats, the Juicers, and the Three Tribes.

Before long they form a Great Society, which is intent on not color-coding their emotions. After fighting off skeptical suicide bomber Mimon birds who don't believe they can succeed, they discover a new reality and enter the Paradise of their dreams.

This book is very funny satire (especially of Homeland Security and Congress) and a sort of modern-era GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. Levine's witty dialogue and outrageous plot are highly entertaining and thought provoking. There are some serious underlying philosophies offered here though.

If you want to read something decidedly different and unlike anything else on the book market, give both books a try. Highly original, thought provoking and entertaining stuff.

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